The growth areas occupied by opium poppy plantations, observed in those parts of Afghanistan that are under the control of the Taliban, said the UN Office on drugs and crime.

In 2016, the area occupied by opium poppy, has increased year on year
10%, exceeding 200 thousand hectares. Executive Director Yury Fedotov said that “there is a disturbing turn” in the fight against the production
narcotic drugs in Afghanistan, reports “Interfax”.

Expected to grow and harvest from 3300 tons in the year to 2015 (estimated) 4,800 tons, according to DW.

The risk experts see not only in the growth of drug trafficking. Experts see a connection between the growth of poppy fields and a success of the radical movement “Taliban”.

“In a region where there is uncertainty, poppy cultivation is the least risky. It is a natural choice farmers in a situation of war,” said Jelena Bjelica from the research Institute of the Afghanistan Analysts Network. Now hundreds of thousands of Afghans, opium production is the only source of income. And burning poppy fields, which is practiced by the authorities, often pushing farmers into the ranks of the Taliban.

In early October, the Taliban tried to take control of the city of Kunduz in the North of the country.

Movement now controls up to 85% of the area of the largest of Afghanistan’s provinces of Helmand, bordering Pakistan.

In Afghanistan, increased the area of opium plantations 23.10.2016

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