Monday, October 26, a massive earthquake occurred in a remote area in northeastern Afghanistan in the mountain range of the Hindu Kush, reports Reuters. Echoes of the earthquake were felt in neighbouring countries, including Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and India. Tremors also felt in Novosibirsk. The first earthquake was followed by a second.

The earthquake was located at a depth of 213 km 254 km North-East of Kabul. According to the U.S. Geological survey, the magnitude of the quake was 7.7 points. Later it lowered to 7.5 points. It was initially reported five dead and 55 wounded in Afghanistan, the death toll later rose to 17.

In the North of neighbouring Pakistan earthquake victims were about 130 people, more than a thousand people were injured, reports The Express Tribune. In the hospital named after lady reading in Peshawar brought dozens of wounded are expected, more affected by the collapse of the building.

As reported TASS, the earthquake in the capital city of Pakistan damaged some communication lines. According to the Pakistani meteorological service, the earthquake magnitude was 8.1. Tremors were felt in major cities of Pakistan – Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, Kohat and Malakand. In abbottābād the aftershocks have caused landslides.

Strong tremors were also felt in Northern India. According to TASS, in the capital of India suspended the functioning of the metro. In the Northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir damaged several power lines, said his former chief Minister Omar Abdullah.

Tremors also were felt in the Central Asian republics. Tremors of magnitude 5 recorded at 14:11 local time (12:11 Moscow time) in the capital of Uzbekistan, reports “Interfax”.

According to the seismic station “Tashkent”, in the South of the country in the Surkhandarya region (bordering Afghanistan and Tajikistan) the magnitude of the earthquake was 5.5.

According to preliminary data, victims are not present.

Residents of the southern cities of Kazakhstan has also felt the earthquake in Afghanistan. As reported by the seismological experimental-methodical expedition of Committee of science of Ministry of education of Kazakhstan, an earthquake of magnitude 7.2, energy class 15,2, occurred in Afghanistan 15:09 Astana time. The epicenter was at a depth of 150 km 904 km on southwest from Almaty.

In Shymkent (armcenter South Kazakhstan region) felt the tremors of 4 points, in Taraz (Zhambyl region admant) – 3-4 on the Richter scale, seismologists have informed.

In the capital of Kyrgyzstan tremors were felt the power of about 3-4 on the Richter scale, reported on Monday “Interfax” in the EMERCOM of the Republic. The earthquake occurred just at the moment when his press conference was given by the President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev and Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe who arrived in Azerbaijan with official visit.

According to preliminary data the Ministry of emergency situations, victims and destructions are not present. Currently data is being collected.

Meanwhile, as informs the headquarters of the Central military district (CVO), a series of aftershocks of magnitude greater than four, registered on the territory of Tajikistan, did not affect the combat readiness of the units of the 201st Russian military base (RMB) and other military facilities of the armed forces stationed in the Republic.

As informs “Interfax” with reference to the Geophysical service of the Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, the first stimulus was followed by a second.

According to the online processing of the Altai-Sayan branch of Geophysical service, the epicenter was recorded at 12:48 (CEST) on Monday the earthquake had coordinates 34.57 degrees North of the equator and 67.783 degrees East longitude and was located at 131 km West of Kabul.

Strong earthquake recorded in Indonesia

Monday, October 26, in the waters of the Indian ocean, around 354 km to the West of Padang city on the West coast of Sumatra (Indonesia) was recorded earthquake of magnitude of 5.7, according to “Interfax” with reference to the geophysical service of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

According to the online processing of the Altai-Sayan branch of geophysical service of RAS, the epicenter was recorded at 13:09 Moscow time on Monday the earthquake had coordinates -1.35 degrees South latitude and 97.18 degrees East longitude.

Intensity of concussions in epicentre seismoisolation is assessed as “very strong”.

In Afghanistan there was a great earthquake, the tremors were felt in neighbouring countries 26.10.2015

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