Last weekend in Kenya held a unique for Africa event. For the first time in the world was organized a beauty contest for albinos. The event was held under the slogan “Beauty beyond the skin” (“Beauty Beyond The Skin”), writes All Africa.

Vice-President William Ruto, who congratulated the winners, said that the show must increase the level of confidence with albinism and to dispel existing in Africa of superstition on this account. The publication notes that the holding of the beauty contest has allowed Kenyan society of albinos to raise charitable donations for a number of its programs.

Edition Jamhuri News notes that the government of Kenya has declared its intention to arrange training for all residents in the country of children with albinism in public schools.

“The color is different, but one people” – quoted Standard song, which opened the beauty contest in Nairobi. The publication describes the appearance on the podium of the young man who received the crown of Mr albinism: it came out in a long black cloak with a hood, wrapped in chains. Under the sound of ominous music chains, the cloak fell, and under it was a shining white clothes. Jairus Jai, a student of musical University released a dove, symbolizing the liberation. And the title of Miss albinism went to 20-year-old student of mediafuse Louisa Ligand. After the ceremony, the girl told reporters that she intends to use her title to raise awareness about albinism.

A beauty contest for albinos took place on the Day of human rights in Africa. As writes the International Business Times, the event was held amid an unprecedented wave of murders of albinos in the region. Starting in 2014 these reports are coming more and more often, especially from neighbouring Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania, where it is believed that body parts of albinos can bring good luck and to be used to prepare magical potions, and had sexual relations with albinism can cure HIV or AIDS.

UN special envoy earlier this year made a statement, which said that all kinds of atrocities led to almost complete annihilation of albinos and threatening “systematic extinction” of this group of people.

“We need to raise awareness, to give children the opportunity to attend school, provide sunscreen and cancer drugs to the skin, to increase the availability of funds for eye care, especially if you need glasses to enable albinos to openly go to work, do their work, to defend their political interests. And most importantly – to raise the self-esteem of people with albinism,” – said in comments to the media MP Isaac Mwaura.

Witnessed great talent during the first ever Mr and Miss Albinism Beauty Beyond Skin pageant, Nairobi County.

In Africa, as opposed to superstition have chosen Mr. and Miss albino (PHOTOS,VIDEO) 24.10.2016

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