In the Kazakh city of Aktau burglar tried to Rob three apartments in the same house. In two of them he managed to sneak in when the owners were not home. In the third he was not allowed iron bars on the Windows. The scene, located on the fifth floor, the offender left on related carpets and bedspreads.

“We went to the clinic, my daughter had the vaccine to make. Literally an hour I was out. Then I saw, the broken window in the kitchen. And in the castle, something similar to a pin sticking out. Apparently tried to open the door, but couldn’t. Then through the window to climb wanted, but also, apparently, could not from behind bars. All this happened around 8:30 to 10 o’clock. We have a neighbor called to say that he had tried in our house a few apartments to Rob,” – said one of the victims.

It clarifies the issue, some of the occupants of the house spotted the burglar. He was a young guy, who had previously been seen nearby. To get out of the last of the robbed apartments, he attributed seven of carpets and covers, which have found owners.

The size of the damage is not yet known. At the scene works investigative team.

In Aktau the thief escaped from the apartment on the fifth floor of seven carpets 14.10.2016

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