In Coleman County Alabama in the United States on Monday sentenced 43-year-old Jay Mainoru convicted of the murder of his relatives pedophile. To rescue the victim daughter from emotional turmoil during the trial, Manor pleaded guilty and received a severe punishment.

The American Themis has sentenced J. Maynor to 40 years of imprisonment, writes

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, in June 2014 Manor shot 59-year-old Raymond IRL Brooks, convicted of pedophilia.

Brooks was a foster grandfather daughter Manora Julia. In 2002, Raymond was convicted of rape of his granddaughter. Crimes were committed during the time when the victim was four to eight years.

Brooks was sentenced to five years in prison. In addition, he paid compensation for moral damages. Later, however, a pedophile released on parole, so in jail he spent only about two years.

Years later, Julia decided to talk about their experiences Jay Mainoru. She picked up such words that the father immediately decided to Lynch relatives pedophile.

Julia Manor is proud of his father, who became a murderer, protecting her honor. “My dad was protecting me like a dad. He’s a wonderful dad, by far the best. He loves us so much,” says the victim, who was 24 years.

According to the woman, the father killed Brooks because of the fact that she told him endured the abuse, which involved the grandfather.

Julia, raising three kids, believes the verdict is unfair to the father, writes The Daily Mail. According to her, the father only longed for retribution and wanted to help her cope with the emotional stress. “Brooks took my virginity and was in jail for only 1.5 years, and I experience daily pain because of what he did,” explained Julia.

According to her, the father agreed to plead guilty to the murder, so Julia had to appear in court and to indulge in painful memories.

We will add that on the way to the house of Brooks Manor, who was furious, fired from a gun store and almost killed another person. In this Manor found out the boyfriend of his stepdaughter. According to Julia, he mistreated her half-sister.

For this crime Jay had appointed another 20 years in prison. But this time, the Manor will serve concurrently with the 40-year-old.

In Alabama, the man who avenged the rape of the daughter the murder of her grandfather, received 40 years in prison 17.11.2016

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