The Deputy of the Alushta city Council Pavel Stepanchenko and editor of the local newspaper, “Your newspaper” Alexey Nazimov detained by employees of the Crimean FSB. Earlier the politician and the journalist had reported on electoral violations in Alushta. Now both became suspects in the criminal case about extortion of money from a representative of one of the parties.

About the detention Stepanchenko and Nazimova reported yesterday a press-service GSU of Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation the Republic of Crimea. According to the SC, the Deputy and the journalist was detained by employees UFSB of Russia on Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol at the moment of transfer them the money which they allegedly tried to obtain by extortion.

In respect of Nazimova and Stepanchenko prosecuted. Depending on a role of everyone they are suspected of committing crimes under paragraph “b” of clause 7 of article 204 of the criminal code (commercial bribery, coupled with the subject of the extortion of the subject of bribery) and part 2 of article 204.1 of the criminal code (intermediation in commercial bribery committed by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion). Nazimova faces up to nine years of imprisonment, Stepanchenko – five. Currently, the investigation is ongoing, investigated all the circumstances of the incident.

According to investigators, the editor, “Your newspaper” wanted blackmail to obtain from a member of one of the parties of 150 thousand rubles. In exchange Nazimov promised not to spread information in media that is defamatory policies and submitted them to the party. In the UK I believe that Stepanchenko was one of the mediators of the journalist, who had to convince the victim of the reality of the implementation made of the threats and of the need to transfer to the editor of the newspaper cash.

The police refused to open a case of forgery of documents by the electoral Commission

About criminal case it became known after “Your paper” notes on the election irregularities in Alushta. On the alleged forgery of documents, the newspaper reported it Stepanchenko.

The Deputy complained several members of precinct election commissions for wrongful actions of the TEC. The powers of the officers of precinct election commissions was terminated without their consent and without their knowledge. “In 2014, what I, being an authorised representative of the Communist party, shaped and applied these lists. Despite the fact that the people specified in the agreed and approved lists, in accordance with the law was to serve as members of election commissions within five years (i.e. until 2019), for some reason they were in absentia are excluded from these commissions”, – said the newspaper Stepanchenko.

The Deputy went to the electoral Commission Alushta to deal with the situation. It turned out that members of precinct election commissions were excluded on the basis of their personal statements. But everyone who lost their powers say they do not write such statements. “Was just a fraud, falsified documents, and on their behalf have written statements. What would it be? The identification of false documents to the TEC Alushta I disrupt the electoral process?! Maybe I just let the employees of the electoral Commission to forge signatures?” – outraged Stepanchenko.

In absentia removed from the authority of the PEC members went to the police Alushta, after which their specimen signatures were sent to Simferopol on handwriting analysis. But in a criminal case was refused, citing the fact that “the response has so far not received.” “The audit within the statutory period does not provide specific information not obtained sufficient evidence of the forgery of the statement, written on behalf of (…) to address the TICK”, – said in a written reply signed by the chief of OMVD of Alushta Andrew Gurchenko.

Stepanchenko called the situation paradoxical. The MP said that a case of forgery and falsification of signatures was not initiated because of the untimely examination, “although all of the facts available”. In this case, most Stepanchenko, who discovered violations of the electoral Commission, accused of trying to disrupt the elections. “Here is a clear example of police Alushta peculiarities of the elections in Alushta!” – concluded the Deputy.

“Your newspaper” – is, in fact, the only independent media in Alushta, writes “Novaya Gazeta”. The forgery of the documents the local electoral Commission said only this edition.

Stepanchenko well known in Alushta his political activities. For example, the MP organized a June 4 gathering of local residents against the chaotic development of the city. Then, in the course of his speech Stepanchenko was accused of short-sighted urban development policy, local representatives of “United Russia”, after which the Assembly dispersed, and the politician was detained. “Your newspaper” was the only Alushta media highlight this event.

In Alushta detained reported irregularities in the elections of the Deputy and the journalist 07.10.2016

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