In Angarsk the Irkutsk region the police broke down the door and searched the editorial office of “Gazeta Olga Jacoway”. According to her, the judgment was the date, and the investigation related to an outside firm. According to media reports, activists of the “Open Russia” questioned and searched in other regions.

“I called the neighbors around the office and talking – to your office broke the door and entered some strangers. I, of course, come with the spouse. We go door broken, a lot of people poking around in my office, sorted some papers”, – said Olga zhakova “Mediazone”.

The owner of the premises where the newspaper is the husband of Iacovou. The representative of the movement “Open Russia” noted that the question about the reason for the search showed her the resolution on the investigation, which was absent in the date.

“In a criminal case due to insufficient evidence to conduct investigations. And in the order specified address is not my room. And the firm “trust oil”, that is, she’s not here. When I explained to him that it has nothing to do with the office, he started making nervous phone calls”, – explained ex-the candidate in deputies of the state Duma.

“The media” reported that the firm, with which is associated investigation, previously worked husband of Iacovou. However, the commentary of the”Open Russia” , the activist reported that the search warrant the police Department there, and about the firm “trust oil” she did not know.

“The police are looking for documents related to company that this address is not registered and to which we have no relation, – LLC “trust oil”. They persistently ask questions to my husband about an unknown us firm. Turns out, they need to he to it was the attitude,” she said.

Recently , “Novaya Gazeta” wrote that the Moscow police officers were active around the former and current employees, founded by Mikhail Khodorkovsky “Open Russia”. From a variety of sources, including investigative agencies, the newspaper became aware of the numerous interrogations of activists and seizures of equipment.

The sources are unable to explain what linked investigations. Among the suggestions – it appears the so-called third Yukos case, which lasts for several years and is associated with accusations of “legalization” means “acquired through the Commission of a crime”, as well as some new criminal case, which may be instituted in the near future.

As reminds the edition, the history of the persecution of the “Open Russia” was launched in March 2006, when the Basmanny court of Moscow under the petition of the Prosecutor’s office seized the accounts of the organization, blocking 5.5 million dollars, and in the office, “postcards” have been cut. The money was intended to Fund educational projects in more than 40 regions. Soon, the organization was forced to announce the termination of funding programs 53 non-commercial organizations and termination of their own activities.

In 2014, released from prison and went abroad, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, announced the revival of the “Open Russia” and the beginning of work of the same name MediaPortal.

In April of last year the Moscow office of “postcards” was searched in connection with the alleged dissemination of extremist materials, were confiscated computers. In December, investigators and riot police came to search for apartments the seven members of the movement. As noted, it was withdrawn even a letter that a child wrote to Santa Claus. The searches took place in St. Petersburg.

In November, Chuvash Republic has convicted an activist of the “Open Russia” Dmire Semenov, who two years ago was the census in the social network a photo of Deputy Vitaly Milonov in a t-shirt with extremist inscription “Orthodoxy or death”. A similar case against a Chuvash activist PARNASSUS was discontinued.

Additionally, in mid-November, Irina Yasina, a longtime program Director of the Foundation “Open Russia”, the head of Khodorkovsky’s support of the Club of regional journalism, reported in Facebookthat has ceased all public activity.

“I’m home, I’m not going anywhere, I’m not any useful society activities. I just ran out of power, and did not have any reserves that you would sacrifice for something. I stopped to recover lost travel functions. I was scared to lose abilities that cannot be replaced by unauthorized, even very skilled assistants. And now I’m on my Yasina Clearing. I’m perfectly happy,” admitted Yassin, who is about 15 years due to a serious illness confined to a wheelchair.

In Angarsk has searched the editorial office of member of the Board of “Open Russia”, searches of the activists of the movement took place in other regions 23.11.2016

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