At the airport of the Turkish city of Antalya delayed three Charter flights of the Russian airline “Transaero”, which can declare bankruptcy. The aircraft is not released due to debt servicing of aircraft, reports “Interfax”, referring to his correspondent.

Delayed flights from Antalya to Moscow, Omsk and Ekaterinburg. The flight to Omsk was to take off at 10:30, in Moscow – at 10:52. The departure of Charter flight to Ekaterinburg was scheduled for 11:30. Journalists noted that the airline has not even begun the check-in for flights.

Departure from Antalya are expecting about 500 people, said the source “Interfax” in the airport. According to him, delays flights associated with debt servicing of aircraft. “The issue with the service. The airline tries to find a compromise, because of the debt in Antalya airport was having difficulties with serviced Board of “Transaero”, – said the source. The Agency noted that the official confirmation of the delays was not originally reported.

According to the portal Slon, flights to Moscow and Omsk were sent an hour late. As of 14:00 Moscow time on the Ekaterinburg remains has not taken off, it can be found on the website of “Transaero” as the detainee.

Meanwhile, the company said about the blackmail from contractors, requiring immediate repayment of all debts. “Airline “Transaero” all current charges are paid in a timely manner. However, obviously, based on the negative news in the media, some contractors tried to blackmail the airline, presenting her at the same time the requirement to pay all debts incurred during the whole period of its previous activities,” – said the press service of “Transaero”.

The airline said that the flights from Antalya to Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Omsk will be sent “with some delay, which was caused by the settlement of the relations between the carrier and the airport”.

To the question of passengers, “Transaero” has expanded to include other airlines, told transport Minister Maxim Sokolov. In particular, this has involved airline “Siberia”. In S7 Airlines confirmed that the company is currently discussing this issue.

Recall that officials have previously talked about bankruptcy “Transaero”. Rosaviatsia has sent the airline “Transaero” the telegram, which proposed to stop sale of tickets. The fate of the company should be addressed in the coming days. In the scenario of bankruptcy, the company sees two key junction: either it is held under the management of “Aeroflot”, “Aeroflot” “goes away” and only provides the transportation of all passengers of “Transaero”, without participating in its further corporate destiny.

September 1, the authorities decided to save the airline “Transaero”, which failed to cope with a high debt burden on a background of stagnating passenger transport market. Approved a proposal to consolidate and transfer 75% plus 1 share in “Aeroflot”. In a week “Aeroflot” has de facto operational control over “Transaero”. However, the timing of the consolidation package were broken, the transaction was in limbo.

In Antalya delayed three flights of “Transaero” because of debts of the company, media reported 01.10.2015

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