In Argentina there were mass protests against femicide (murder of women) and gender-based violence, according to local newspaper La Nacion. The occasion was the brutal murder of a teenage girl that occurred earlier this month.

According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, 16-year-old Lucia Perez was abducted on 8 October in the city of Mar del Plata, 400 km South from Buenos Aires. For several days she was held in the home of one of the kidnappers, pumping drugs and raping. In addition, the girl was tortured. As a result, she suffered a heart attack.

As passed by the BBC, the criminals took the victim barely alive in the hospital, after washing it and disguised to conceal the crime, and tried to make it look like she poisoned drugs. However, doctors after examining the victim, noticed the signs of “forcible sexual penetration”, reported The Independent.

#MarDelPLata #Femicidio Caso Lucía Pérez: despidieron al Secretario de Seguridad marplatense

In Argentina, thousands of people protested against violence against women 20.10.2016

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