Court of the state of Arizona in the United States sentenced a glamorous pair of TV reporters, who were found guilty of turning a baby into a drug addict. The couple gave the baby the milk with a dash of cocaine.

By the decision of the American Themis Christine and Somchai Lisaius received one year of imprisonment. In addition, they were assigned to 30 days of imprisonment with suspension of sentence, writes Tucson News Now.

The investigation began in mid-may 2016, when 26-year-old Christine and a 42-year-old Somchai complained to the doctors on the poor health of his four-month-old daughter. In the end, the child was hospitalized with rolled eyes.

The parents of the baby didn’t want the doctors took the child to a blood test. And in the course of the study in the body of the baby was discovered cocaine.

Christine at first claimed not to know how the drug got into the body of his daughter. Later she confessed that the night before the tragedy with her husband a party at home. During the fun the hosts and their guests doing cocaine.

The mother decided that for 12 hours drugs out of her system and she will be able to feed my daughter. However, the girl sucked along with the milk and drugs, which led to a sharp deterioration in her health.

After the wife of Somchai Lisaius also began to give grateful evidences. According to the man, he does drugs once in a month and a half. Somchai also saw how his wife used cocaine after the birth of a child, writes The Daily Mail.

May 16, the day after the hospitalization of the baby, the police raided the suspected house in Oro valley. It was found 1.59 grams of cocaine.

We will add that “glamorous couple of TV journalists”, as the suspects called in the press, worked at TV stations in Tucson. Somchai was a crime reporter channel KOLD News 13, and Christine is a reporter for KGUN Channel 9.

In 2012, Christine received the title of “Miss South Arizona. Later, she participated in a beauty contest “Miss Arizona”.

Christine graduated from the faculty of journalism at Arizona state University, and then interned at ABC’s culinary show, The Chew, wrote

Somchai met with Christine at the end of 2012, and in April 2014 they got married in Mexico.

Initially, the spouses of journalists accused of cruel treatment of children, which may have serious consequences, illicit drug trafficking and possession of items for their use. A suspect threatened a two-year prison term, but they signed a pre-agreement on recognition of guilt.

In Arizona workers TV, nakimushi his 4-month-old daughter cocaine a month of prison with deferment 04.10.2016

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