In Arkhangelsk before the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin part of the sidewalk from the marine station to the main building North (Arkticheskogo) Federal University (NARFU), Lomonosov over the weekend covered the floorboard, reports the Arkhangelsk portal “Echo of the North”.

The path starts from the station and ends in front of a pedestrian crossing on Troitsky prospect in NARFU. According to the “Echo of the North”, parquet pavement supplied to the icebreaker “Novorossiysk”, which at the time of the forum will be a hotel for visiting dignitaries. “This was not, even when in the Arkhangelsk came the Khrushchev”, – writes the edition. The first Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Nikita Khrushchev came to Arkhangelsk in 1962, when the party adopted a resolution on the development of the far North.

In the administration of the city Life confirmed that this decorative sidewalk will lead to the exposition of the international forum “the Arctic – territory of dialogue” which will be held in Arkhangelsk on March 29-30.

“People coming here have more flavor, where they are still on the wooden sidewalk will be? He specifically so that guests could walk” – said in the Department of urban local administration. Officials said that the paving will happen in the summer.

“The new newspaper” in the administration said that it was not the parquet floor, and wooden planked walkway – “the historical brand of Arkhangelsk”. “The terrain on which it was necessary to pave the road is swamped, so to cover it familiar with asphalt would be a poor decision, as it soon would have to put the road again”, – said the head of the press service Igor Atapin. The money they have allocated Fund “Recongress”, who plays one of the organizers of the Arctic forum.

This version is discussed in social networks, the decision of the Arkhangelsk officials caused dissatisfaction in the community “Arkhangelsk life”. “Instead of asphalt flooring! Boards in Arkhangelsk lot, but no asphalt. So the preparation for the meeting of distinguished guests. Maybe on the road of the boards you will find. I do not want the mayor to Vladimir jumped through puddles,” says Ekaterina Zhukova, have posted photos online.

According to another version, the flooring was put on top of the puddles on the pavement to remove the snow.

In Arkhangelsk, so as not to remove the snow on top of puddles laid hardwood flooring:

In Arkhangelsk for the arrival of Putin at the Arctic forum, the sidewalk was carpeted floorboard 21.03.2017

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