Athens police used tear gas and flash grenades to disperse about 3,000 protesters against the visit of US President Barack Obama. The police used force when protesters with Molotov cocktails tried to break into the restricted area late in the evening on Tuesday, November 15.

Greek news site In reports that police were flying hundreds of Molotov cocktails and stones. It is known that at least two people were arrested, no injuries. Among the protesters noted the representatives of the organization for the struggle against fascism, the anarchist group “the Rubicon” and other organizations of Communists and anarchists. They urged the Athenians to March March to the U.S. Embassy at a time when police blocked roads for motorcade Obama.

“American imperialism has not changed. US presidents and their administrations have played a key role in the looting of our country, associated with the repayment of debt. And because of their interventions, our region is drowning in blood and under the impact of waves of refugees”, – transfers BBC Russian service review of the party leader “National unity” Panagiotis Lafazanis, regarding the riots in Athens.

Recall, Barack Obama is in the final European tour as President of the United States, the purpose of which is to discuss with European partners the prospects for the implementation of Washington’s commitments during his presidency. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and he spoke about the need to maintain EU sanctions against Russia and the sharing of intelligence information.

Obama called Greece “a reliable ally”, loyal to NATO, even under the pressure of the debt crisis.

From Greece, Obama will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The next day, November 18, scheduled his meetings with other European leaders, then the US President will visit Peru.

In Athens, police dispersed the crowd protesting against Obama’s visit 16.11.2016

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