In Australia the walls of the Sydney bar in the area of Chippendale turned into a gallery of modern street art. Local artist Scott Marsh struck some graffiti on the building, which houses the school Zigi”s Art, Wine and Cheese. The author depicts American rapper Kanye West kissing himself. On the same day on the wall of the bar have been the wife of musician fashion model and actress Kim Kardashian. However, unlike her husband, the star emblazoned on the building without clothes. Unknown persons attempted to burn out the image, and the inhabitant of the neighboring house were required to paint over graffiti.

Tall Nude Kardashian – more than two floors, writes The Guardian. A type of graffiti was the photo that celebrity two weeks earlier posted on his Instagram.

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Graffiti with the TV star, known for his curvaceous, appeared last Saturday, March 19, but it has already managed to partially ruin it.

Some #idot done this @lushsux @scottie.marsh @theoxking

Photos published #zigis (@art_wine_cheese_bar) Mar 4 2016 21:01 PDT

Both images has attracted great attention of local residents, and soon the administration of Sydney received a complaint from a person living next door to the bar. As a result, the bar owner Zygi Lakes and demanded to remove graffiti within two weeks. In addition, it did not apply to the alteration of the building, so he or the artist will have to pay a fine of three thousand dollars. While passionately squeezing himself in the arms of Kardashian spouse will remain in place.

#puglove #puglife #franklinfox

A photo posted by Scott Marsh (@scottie.marsh) Mar 2016 1 20:37 PDT

Recently the authorities of the state of New Wales criticised for the so-called approach of the “state nanny” to nightlife and creative culture. But city of Sydney Council argues that the policy is “common sense” in relation to street art. “The majority of new frescoes, including made to order Sydney urban area, require prior approval for the development. This ensures that the property owner agrees to an image, and the neighbors held a consultation about the new proposals,” – said the press Secretary of the Ministry. According to him, the image of Kardashian has not been pre-approved and a neighbor complained about its content and color.

The bar owner, the city’s decision was disappointing. Lakes and opened the school four and a half years ago and from the very first day offered to various artists wall of the bar as a canvas. “The whole idea of what we’re doing to support artists and to make a quick lane instead of dark, dull walls. We want to see bright colors, we want to see beautiful art,” explained Lakes.

In Instagram Kardashian there are other photos in the Nude. Based on one of them created graffiti in a different Australian city – Melbourne.


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However, the image is also messed up, adding to his obscene language.

Andddd this is why we can’t have nice things @kimkardashian

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In Australia, the bar owner was asked to remove from the wall huge graffiti with a naked Kim Kardashian (PHOTO) 24.03.2016

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