Australian Builder, six months ago was in the hospital for the bite of a poisonous rufous-backed spider in the penis, again became the hero of news. On Tuesday, September 27, as reported by the BBC, spider bites accident for the penis, and almost in the same place.

The incident occurred at a construction site in Sydney, when a man went to the toilet. “It seems that this time he was able to get a better aim. The bite redder than last time and more swollen. Besides, the sting was more painful,” – said 21-year-old victim.

According to him, the hospital gave him a tetanus shot and given the antidote. However, some doctors recognized him as the patient who came to him with the same “trauma” six months ago. In this regard, bitten jokingly suggested that perhaps he is the most unlucky man in Australia.

He admitted that this time did not notice what kind of spider bit him. Currently injured have already been discharged from the hospital and hopes soon to get back to work.

The man’s name was not called. It is only known that he was originally from Jordan. “Wrong place, wrong time,” he commented on his misadventures.

The previous incident occurred with the unfortunate Builder in April. Then he went to the bathroom, where he was bitten penis Australian widow from a family of black widows. This species of spider from the family of spiders tenetnyky, which are native to Australia, is considered the most dangerous spider in the continent. Related species – the black widow (Latrodectus mactans) – was introduced to Australia from North America.

According to statistics, black widows in Australia bite every year about two thousand people. The bites of these spiders cause severe pain, sweating and nausea. They can be deadly, but deaths are now rare because there’s an antidote.

Meanwhile, as reported by The Daily Telegraph on 12 April, 22-year-old resident of Sydney, died as a result of the bite rufous-backed Australian widows despite treatment in the hospital for four days and prescribed a course of antibiotics.

In Australia, the Builder of the second time in six months suffered from a spider bite to the penis 28.09.2016

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