In Australia, a 68-year-old man went missing while exploring the wreck of the SS Yongala off the coast of Queensland, but was discovered alive the next day, 50 kilometers from the place of immersion. About this newspaper The Guardian.

According to the publication, the diver conducted in the Pacific ocean 12 hours a night. It was noticed during the flyby of the helicopter involved in the search operation.

Male on Sunday were scuba diving 20 km from Cape Bowling green, South of Townsville. He did not return to shore at the appointed time. The alarm was raised by a friend who knew about the plans of the diver. The search operation was conducted at sea and in the air.

According to Brisbane Times, the diver spent in the open sea for 15 hours. According to the Herald Sun, since the disappearance of a man missing prior to its discovery it has been 16 hours.

In the rescue operation involved six aircraft and boats of the coast guard and the police.

According to survivors, when he began to dive, it became clear that the current is so strong that he was unable to resist him. In the end, according to ABC, the man was carried to a considerable distance from the place of immersion. The condition discovered by divers was deemed normal, he was injured due to an extraordinary situation.

The Australian passenger ship SS Yongala, which was carrying 122 people, was sunk during a cyclone off Cape Bowling green on March 24, 1911. All passengers and crew members were killed. The wreck of the ship is considered to be one of the most interesting dive – annually, the shipwreck examined more than 10 thousand divers.

In Australia, the diver survived, lost after diving to the sunken ship 07.11.2016

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