The Australian labour party has accused the current coalition government is that it spends a lot of money at a diplomatic event with the participation of representatives of indigenous Green marsupials of the mainland, reports Reuters.

On Thursday, 17 March, labour published a brochure and launched a website, which accused the government in foolish spending on “wombat-diplomacy”.

“This government is obsessed with cuddle with koalas. We spent 400 thousand (just over 300 thousand dollars. – Approx., including 133 thousand, which Julie Bishop (foreign Minister) spent on it to deliver four koalas in the Singapore zoo,” said the opposition Minister Pat Conroy.

In addition, according to him, the Bishop spent about 130 thousand on a trip of diplomats to the West of Australia, so they can cuddle with the wombats: “These at least for a change they changed the look of the marsupial”.

The grounds on which the calculations were made of costs, it is not called.

In Australia, home to several species of marsupial mammals, including koalas, kangaroos, wombats and other animals. They serve as a focus of attention for tourists visiting the Green continent.

“Hire” the Koala was the subject of public discussion during the visit of Vladimir Putin to the G20 summit in Brisbane in 2014. According to the labour party, instead of to execute his threat and “brought down” the Russian President, then Prime Minister of the country Tony Abbott has spent 24 thousand, so that he could cuddle with a Koala.

In Australia, the opposition accused the government obsession with “the hug with koalas” 17.03.2016

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