In Brisbane of the Australian state Queensland police are investigating the brutal murder of the driver of a public city bus. According to preliminary data, the victim was doused in flammable liquid and set fire to one of the passengers.

A victim of the criminal became 29-the summer native of India Manmeet Alisher Charm. As part of the investigation, the police arrested 48-year-old man, writes The Brisbane Times.

According to the head of the police of Queensland Jim Keogh, 28 Oct Manmeet Sharma made a flight to the shopping center Moorvale Shopping Centre. Inside, there were six passengers and Bluedesert road they were joined by three more.

Around 9:00 one of the passengers approached the driver, doused him in fluid and set on fire. The driver turned into a burning torch, and the attacker jumped out of the bus and disappeared.

According to the taxi driver of ACCA Nioka, he saw the offender running away from the flames of the bus. NIOC also heard the screams of the passengers who crowded around the back door of the bus and begged them to release. The taxi driver managed three punches feet kick the door down and save the people. However, due to the thick smoke that had enveloped the cabin, to get close to the burning driver and to help him was impossible. Sharma received fatal burns.

At 9:20 firefighters extinguished the bus.


A witness at the crime scene took this video of fire crews extinguishing the bus fire in Moorooka. @ABCNewsBrisbane

In Australia the passenger is burned to death a bus driver 28.10.2016

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