Australian teenager Cameron Timms survived the attack of a large freshwater crocodile, when swimming with their families in one of the rivers in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. At the same time about the attack on 14-year-old boy was found by accident – thanks to the GoPro camera.

When the teenager came out of the water, I noticed that his hands and stomach bleeding. The wounds were shallow, but the family didn’t understand how he could get them. “I was shocked and didn’t understand what was happening,” said the boy to the local edition of The Kimberley Echo.

Later that same day, the family decided to watch footage on the GoPro camera, which the boy took with him while swimming in the river, hoping to capture something interesting in the water. Suddenly in the video, they saw a 1.5-metre crocodile that swam right between their bodies. “He sailed past me and my wife and we both thought that someone just randomly touched us,” – said the father mark Timms.

ABC notes that freshwater crocodiles are considered harmless to humans. However, in the Australian national parks and other places there are signswarning of the danger of the attack of reptiles.

In Australia, the teenager did not notice as took VIDEO of the attack on him crocodile 04.10.2016

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