Austrian police finds out circumstances of the mass brawl involving migrants occurred in the capital. In the end, one man, became an accidental witness of the brawl, was hit by a streetcar and received a severe injury of extremities.

According to preliminary data, in the melee, was citizens of Russia of Chechen nationality and Turkish migrants. The incident occurred in the district of Favoriten, writes The Local.

The reason for the quarrel was the comment made by the Chechen. The man asked the group of about 15 of the Turks to behave quietly. At that moment, the parties to the conflict were in the Internet café, located near Quellenstrasse.

The conversation quickly escalated into a scuffle, which moved outside. Just brawl involved about 20 people, and one Chechen was armed with a knife, reports the Austrian press.

In the middle of it was a and a man of Serbian nationality – mate four Chechens. Maybe he was pushed by someone from the Turks. But more likely version is that he tripped himself, when he fled from the scene.

Anyway, the Serb fell on the tram tracks right in front of the approaching transport. The driver did not have time to slow down, and the man received serious injuries to both legs. The victim was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery.

Serb insists that is not directly involved in the fight. Also minor injuries in the scuffle received the two Chechens at the age of 19 years and 21 years. They complained of a pain in the neck, writes Kronen Zeitung.

All participants of fight have disappeared from a scene. The police did not say whether it was possible subsequently to detain any of the suspects of hooliganism with ethnic overtones. Meanwhile, in the communities of Chechens and Turks are actively discussing how to take revenge on the representatives of the enemy, writes

Earlier in Vienna, clashes occurred between the Turkish migrants and Kurds. The Turks attacked their opponents with shouts of “Allah Akbar!”. This caused panic among the residents of the Austrian capital, decided that there are Islamic terrorists, writes The Daily Express.

In Austria in the fight of the Chechens with the Turks suffered a citizen of Serbia, whom the tram cut off his feet 29.09.2016

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