In Vienna, Austria there is a trial in a criminal case initiated after the discovery in the hotel room of the corpse 45-the summer lodger. According to investigators, the man died as a result of sadomasochistic sexual games, and in his death the guilty woman of easy virtue.

Criminal punishment for a 29-year-old citizen of Austria, which, until recently, worked as a hairdresser. However, in 2015, she began to experience financial difficulties, so he decided to try himself as a prostitute, plays the role of “mistress”, writes The Local.

The woman placed relevant ads on Internet sites and forums where communicate the lovers of BDSM. To clients she offered sex with a controlled strangulation, and using a leash that is put on the neck “slave.”

In September 2015, the accused met with a potential client. A man met several times with the hairdresser to discuss and approve the future scenario of sexual play. The client wanted to “experiment” with restriction of breathing and bringing it to fainting.

On September 12 a man was staying in a hotel, and then secured to the hook protruding from the wall, a rope with a noose. According to the initial plan, the customer had to tighten the noose on his neck. The woman had to throw at him and even the lace, and then to control the process of strangulation.

Before performing the experiment, the customer gave the prostitute a receipt, which indicated that it does not have to claim it in advance and assumes all responsibility for the possible fatal risks and the harm caused to their health.

The first “experiment” at the hotel ended in failure: the man was not able to “shut off” as a result of strangulation because the woman was distracting him with her beauty”. That is how the client explained the reason of failure during intercourse with a partner network WhatsApp.

The next night members of the BDSM game met again at the hotel. This time the client has wrapped his head and mouth with duct tape and then stuck his head in the noose, and the hairdresser sucked on his neck lace.

Bent legs, the man hung on the rope and lost consciousness. After that, the hooker had pulled the cord, and then ran out of the room. And her client was left hanging on the rope and was later found dead.

According to the defendant, half an hour later she got anxious and sent to the room of the victim’s SMS, asking if he was okay. Receiving no answer, the woman returned to the hotel and knocked on room. As the door opened she was not a prostitute went down to the reception and spoke about their concerns. However, the hotel staff did not want to disturb the tenant “without special needs”.

“If he is dead, we’ll know about it tomorrow,” reports the defendant is the word administrator.

Not reassured, the prostitute went to the police. After midnight, the police opened the door of the hotel room and discovered a hanged man dead.

The medical examiner concluded that the cause of death was asphyxiation, resulting in brain injured has ceased to receive oxygen. It is also established that the man would have died even if freed from a rope loop, since the string was tightened around his neck too tight.

The lawyer accused Martin Murer insists that the woman is never desired the death of his client, and the lace was allegedly tightened on the neck is not too tight.

For the murder of the prostitute”Madam” could face 15 years in prison.

In Austria judged the prostitute who was tortured to death in the hotel, a 45-year-old client 27.09.2016

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