In the Austrian town Mistelbach an der Zaya was a crime on the sexual soil, where suspected migrants, writes The Local. Although the alleged pedophile is caught, the rape of a schoolgirl in the women’s locker room of the pool has led to the fact that the government has ordered to introduce a temporary ban on swimming for refugees.

At the entrance to the pool, there were signs in English: “Today the entrance to the pool to refugees is prohibited.”

The discriminatory ban in the city located 30 kilometers from Vienna, was introduced after the police asked 13-year-old girl. She told me that she had been sexually abused in the women’s locker room of the pool, and her attacker, the man was dark-skinned and looked like a foreigner.

After an emergency meeting, local authorities have decided to temporarily restrict the migrants to go to the pool. “This decision was not easy for us, but I am ready to take responsibility for it,” says mayor Alfred Paul, who said he was “shocked” by the incident in the pool.

The authorities also ordered to hire two employees of the security service, which will now monitor the situation in the pool.

Recall that a similar crime committed by a migrant from Iraq in the basin of Vienna, caused a great resonance last winter. As previously reported, December 2, 2015 20-year-old suspect Amir A. lured 10-year-old boy in the toilet stall of the pool and raped him.

The boy screamed in pain, but no one could hear him. The sin that comes from the Arab East back to the pool and continued to have fun, jumping from three-meter height into the water.

The injured boy told about the incident to the employee pool from the number of rescuers. He immediately called the police. The suspect was detained at the scene.

The boy was hospitalized. Doctors diagnosed him with serious injuries in the anal area and severe stress. The student had to undergo a course of treatment with taking antidepressants and sleeping pills.

After the arrest of Amir A. cynically explained his action by the need “urgent sexual discharge” after a long abstinence.

It is also known that a victim of a pedophile was a boy named Goran from a large family of Serbian refugees. According to the victim’s mother, Duni, she regrets that always brought up children in the spirit of tolerance.

“You can call me racist, but justify the suspect monstrous. It’s like if I decided to Rob the Bank tomorrow due to the fact that I don’t have enough money to support five children,” said Dunya.

In June 2016, Amir A. was sentenced to six years in prison and payment of compensation in the amount of € 4730. The man threatened a 15-year term, but as mitigating circumstances the court took into account the young age of migrants and lack of criminal record, as well as “difficult life situation”.

In Iraq, where Amir worked as a taxi driver, he left behind a wife and daughter. Home the man left in August 2015, to coming to Europe, “to create a future for themselves and their families”, said Amir.

Originally a citizen of Iraq had intended to go to Sweden but eventually settled in the Austrian refugee centers in Hitting.

We also add that the cases of sexual harassment in the pools from the migrants recorded in other States, which also went the way of the introduction of bans on visits. A similar decision was made in the German Bornheim and considered in the Belgian town of Coxid.

In Switzerland, the migrant fined 840 euros for a kiss

The court of Switzerland ruled in this year of the sentence the applicant for refugee status who sexually molested two girls and kissed one on the cheek. This crime was committed in January at the train station of Aarau (Canton of Aargau), and persecuted the victims men had an accomplice, whose identity is set to failed.

In March the court sentenced the “loving” of a migrant to a fine of 900 Swiss francs (about 840 euros). But as man could not pay this sum, he was sent to jail for nine days, writes The Local.

This case became known only recently when the police answer to a query on incidents involving migrants.

In Austria, officials closed access to the pool all refugees after the rape the girls 24.06.2016

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