In a small rural community Drasenhofen, located in the district of Mistelbach in the Austrian border with the Czech Republic, 22-year-old wife of the farmer was pulled into the machine for harvesting corn. The girl lost his legs, but doctors managed during complex operations to sew the limbs. The tragic incident shocked local residents.

The wife of a local farmer, working as a dental assistant, helped her husband to harvest, reports The Local. When the girl threw the corn into the mouth of the threshing, separating cobs from the stalks, she got tangled in the chain and her legs tightened inside the car.

My husband immediately stopped the grind and immediately called an ambulance. But of course the girls were seriously injured. However, doctors managed to save the situation. In the course of long complex surgery, the doctors sewed his legs the young Austrian.

The mayor of the municipality Reinhard Kuncl expressed support for the injured girl, on behalf of local residents. “The whole community was shocked by this tragic event. We are all very happy that this young woman is now on the mend” – said the head of the settlement.

In Austria the doctors sewed his legs young wife of a farmer, caught in the grind 13.10.2016

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