In Austria, freed from sexual slavery six women from Nigeria. They were forced to leave their homeland, because they believed that they someone put a curse voodoo.

The traffickers brought the “cursed” African women to Europe and sold to brothels. Women dutifully did everything that I asked of them, because they believed that they are cursed and if you will not obey the masters, the curse on their families, writes The Local citing Austrian police.

During an operation targeting human trafficking, in Vienna and four districts of the country was released 29 people involved in prostitution under duress. As noted, first among them the refugees.

According to the newspaper, all Nigerian about 18 years. They so strongly believe in the power of magical curses that the police took a lot of effort to convince them of the necessity of salvation. The women were so frightened that they were not able to shop. They were placed in a shelter for women victims of violence.

During the two-day operation, the police raided the brothels, massage parlours, illegal red-light areas, and even refugee centres. In addition to coming from Nigeria, was also liberated women, came to Austria from China, Romania, and Serbia. Eighteen people were arrested, although none of them is a trafficker. They are suspected of fraud and drug trafficking.

In Austria, the traffickers used voodoo magic to send refugees to brothels 21.10.2016

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