Two people were injured in the attack of a man with a knife in a train in the Western Austrian province of Vorarlberg, reports The Daily Mail. The assailant was 60-year-old citizen of Germany. Presumably, he is mentally ill.

The attack injured two young men, 19 and 17 years. The first was shot in the abdomen, and the second attacker was stabbed in the throat. Both victims were taken to hospital. Police after a short struggle arrested the man with the knife.

“The attacker is not associated with migrants. He, apparently, mentally ill, and we are almost sure that the version of terrorist attack is excluded,” said a police spokesman Horst Pitchover.

According to police, the victims had done nothing to provoke the attacker. He suddenly attacked the young people, and then immobilize him helped the passengers. On arrive at the station he was handed over to the police.

The knife attack on passengers of the Austrian train was the third such attack in Europe over the last month. August 13, in Switzerland a man with a knife attacked people in the train, injuring seven people. In the end, from the received wounds died one of the wounded women. The attacker himself had also died in hospital from his wounds. His motives remain unknown.

In July, a refugee from Afghanistan attacked on passenger trains in Germany. The attacker was armed with an axe and a knife: he wounded five people. The German police came to the conclusion that he was not connected with terrorist organizations and acted alone, the victim of Islamist propaganda.

In Austria unstable elderly man with a knife attacked passengers on the train 17.08.2016

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