Entered recently into force of the Austrian lawprohibiting the wearing in public places face-covering headgear, including traditional Muslim, has become the reason for the curious case. Under the new legislative restrictions was the man in the shark costume.

The Austrian, in the guise of predatory fish participated in an advertising campaign CompUSA McShark, reports AP. He was approached by police and asked to remove head shark. The offender several times refused, then the police gave him a ticket.

In Austria from October 1 came into force a law banning the wearing of face-covering hats, masks and special equipment in public places. The prohibition applies in particular to Muslim headwear, medical and clown masks, balaclavas and respirators.

The law was passed by the efforts of the Social democratic party of Austria and the Austrian people’s party. Exceptions legislators have made for those who wear masks or respirators for medical reasons, when carrying out their professional responsibilities, as well as for public festivals and carnivals.

Police intend to use the law to fight the citizens who evade identification. For a start they will be asked to remove prohibited to wear the garment. In case of refusal, the offender faces a fine of up to 150 euros.

In Austria, where he been banned from wearing the burqa and the niqab in public places, man fined for shark costume 10.10.2017

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