Tens of thousands of people gathered in Central Barcelona to protest against the plans of the leaders of Catalonia to declare independence after unrecognized referendums. On the week, the head of Catalonia Pujdeme offered to the Madrid talks. Prime Minister Rajoy declaredthat to talk about anything on the background of the threats and he threatened to dissolve the rebel government – this possibility is spelled out in the Constitution.

Gathered holding flags of Spain and Catalonia and chanting: “Glory of Spain”, “Catalonia is Spain”, “Spaniard, Spaniard, Spaniard.” Organizers in Barcelona called Sunday rally the silent majority, which opposes the referendum, reports BBC Russian service. The protesters, honking cars passing by.

On Sunday the rally people came with flags of Spain, Catalonia and the EU. The protesters told the BBC that is very unhappy with the way the Catalan TV covers protests. According to them, in the morning TV channels instead of the rally showed the Montserrat monastery.

The confrontation between those who support the independence of Catalonia, the wealthy, and those who advocated the unity of the divided country. The vote on the referendum on the independence of Catalonia was marred by numerous clashes with the police and the extremely tough actions of the guards.

The Catalans, who opposed the separation region, mostly boycotted the vote. And the government put 90% of the result as the basis of his course in office. Madrid and the European Union declared the referendum illegitimate.

The Parliament of Catalonia intends Tuesday to discuss the situation, and, as some believe, to declare the independence.

The action in Madrid gathered to 150 thousand people

On the eve of a large rally in support of the unity of Catalonia was held in the capital of Spain Madrid. Up to 150 thousand people gathered on Saturday at one of the iconic plazas of the Spanish capital, Plaza de colon, reports TASS.

The participants chanted: “long live Spain! Long live the king! Long live Catalonia!”, “With the putschists are not engaging in dialogue”. All Plaza de colon was painted in red and yellow colors of the national flag.

In addition, different parts of Spain held a rally calling for dialogue between Madrid and Barcelona. Protesters in white shirts gathered at the town halls of different cities. In the Catalan capital, this demonstration gathered thousands of people. In Madrid the demonstration to be held at the famous Cibeles square, which is located opposite the city authorities. The main slogan of the protests: “Harlem”, which in Catalan can be translated as: “Speak”.

In Barcelona, tens of thousands of people came to the rally for unity with Spain 08.10.2017

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