The world court of Ufa in Bashkortostan issued a September 26 verdict in the case of damage to the motorist. The owner of a large foreign car claims that the car was damaged crashed into her young rider. According to the latest version, the kid has damaged a massive car head.

According to the decision of the Russian Themis parents of 4-year-old Artem, a recognized responsible for the accident should pay the plaintiff the amount of 20 thousand rubles of material damage, as well as cover his costs for lawyers. The defendants intend to contest the court decision, reports NTV.

The owner of the SUV Ruslan Islayev claims that Artem dented the rear fender of his vehicle when riding on a bike. At first the man claimed that the boy caused the damage to the car wheel of his Bicycle. But since discovered the dent was too high, Isakaev put forward a new version: Artem allegedly crushed his car with a blow to the head.

After an accident in the yard of the boy, according to the materials of the case, dropped the bike at the scene and fled. No damage baby didn’t get: no scratches, no bumps, no concussion. Therefore, the version of the header looks doubtful.

Either way, the inspectors of the personal data collected on 4-year-old boy prosecutions, specifying that he caused the car damage in the form of dings diameter of 3 cm.

Mother Artema Lyudmila Nugumanova told that she and her husband apologized to the neighbor Ruslan by Ismakaeva for the act of his son. When the woman says no visible damage to the car was not.

Ruslan “pounced,” according to Ludmila, her children and began to search for their signs of injuries from the collision with his car.

Experts are wondering why this curious incident was the occasion for litigation. All because of the “integrity” of the car owner.

“A question of principle. Court costs I have their lawyers paid. I have my money back”, – says Ruslan Islayev. The proposal to forgive the defendants, the plaintiff added: “Not an option, because people are very scandalous. I fear for my life, for my car.”

Were does the last statement to 4-year-old Artyom or his father, Ruslan said.

Parent Artem Ilya Kuznetsov expressed their willingness to come to the Supreme court in search of justice.

In Bashkiria the court recognized the 4-year-old cyclist guilty of damage to the SUV with his head 27.09.2016

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