In Bashkortostan near the village of Lake Abzelilovsky area, close to Magnitogorsk, the night before the minibus Mersedes, passengers were 13 minors, came off Suburban highway in the lake, according to Magnitogorsk online edition MagCity74. The driver, who was traveling at high speed, do not fit into a snowy turn.

The front part of the bus plunged into the water, came to the aid of passing motorists. The car broke through the ice, “in the beauty of the torpedo was,” wrote an eyewitness, Konstantin Mironov, who helped the victims, in the community of Magnitogorsk “On the road Magnitogorsk” the social network “Vkontakte”.

The blame for the accident he blamed the driver: “Poured like crazy. A snow-covered turn, flew (on) 15 meters from the edge of the road.” “The kids are OK, I got the driver and two passengers: one doctors predicted a spinal fracture, a second fracture of the leg” – said Konstantin Mironov.

According to Konstantin Mironov, AB Vakhitova and other witnesses, the bus Mercedez was going to Kazan from the village of mykhailivka. From Mikhailovka the bus left at 21:00 and about 20 minutes later, got in an accident.

The driver in two places, a broken spine, another passenger suffered dislocation of the vertebrae, according to a friend of the injured woman in the same community. It also says that the driver has a back injury and he can’t get up, “he spoke quickly everything happened, did not even have time to react”. In the community there is a photo of the victim, frozen in the cold bus.

Chelyabinsk “Regional television” reports that the accident took place in the Magnitogorsk area, but in management of traffic police in the Chelyabinsk region Ekaterinburg Agency Sign said that until not have data about the incident. The fact that the scene is in the Republic of Bashkortostan near the border with the Chelyabinsk oblast. The accident was confirmed in the state traffic Inspectorate of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

It specified that the accident, which occurred in the Abzelilovskiy district, injured four children and two adults. Public transport went on the usual route “village mihailovka – Magnitogorsk – Kazan” in his cabin there were 18 people, including 13 children, reported online edition of ToDay’s News Ufa in the state traffic Inspectorate.

The website clarifies that four of the victims under 14 years, but argues that in the case of children and adults with two victims “without serious injury”.

In Bashkortostan, the bus with children fell into the lake and broke the ice, injured 6 people 04.11.2016

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