In Belarus executed the death sentence against a local resident Ivan Kulesh, who last year was convicted of three counts of murder, theft, robbery and attempting another murder. According to the human rights center “Viasna”, which refers to relatives, he was shot on 5 November.

Kulecho the sentence was imposed on 20 November last year the Grodno regional court chaired by judge Anatol Zayats. During sentencing, mitigating facts were recognized by the presence of a minor child Kulesza, his personal confession to the crimes and surrender.

To the aggravating factors the judge then took the state of alcoholic intoxication, which was porridge during the Commission of the crimes and his previous criminal record. Some inconsistencies of the testimony of the defendant with the investigation were attributed to the fact that at the time of the crime gruel was drunk and the crime happened a long time ago, say human rights activists.

During the consideration of the appeal complaint Collegium of the Supreme court on March 29, 2016 Kulesh acknowledged that I fully agree with the sentence imposed on him, as deprived of life. A petition for clemency to the President he served did not.

28-year-old Kulesh – a pupil’s home, lived without a family, he graduated from the 9th grade school. In 18 years, was convicted the first time for stealing. In 2014, he was accused of false denunciation and theft. Kulesh officially never worked and earned a living by picking mushrooms and berries and other temporary jobs here and there.

In September 2013, Kulesh killed two women-sellers in Lida and stole from the store the money and goods amounting to more than 37 million rubles. In November 2014, according to investigators, he killed another seller in the Leeds area – struck the woman more than 10 blows with an axe and stole from the store where she worked, money and goods.

After the verdict Kulesza in November last year, the European Union expressed regret this decision and hope that the man will be freely granted the right to appeal.

“Mister Kulesh has been convicted of a serious crime, and we Express our deep sympathy to the family and friends of the victims of these crimes. Nevertheless, the European Union opposes the death penalty in all cases as it cannot be justified under any circumstances”, – said in a communique the official representative of the European foreign service (EVS).

Belarus – the only European country which still applies the death penalty. According to media reports and human rights activists over the past six years in Belarus executed at least 15 people.

In Belarus executed the death sentence of another 29.11.2016

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