Belarus has provided evidence of threats made by the Ukrainian Manager to the crew of the aircraft of the Belarusian airline “Belavia”, which the Ukrainian authorities on 21 October were forcibly returned to the departure airport in Zhulyany. The transcript of the conversation published by the governmental newspaper “Belarus today”.

Officially the document is called “a Text extract speech information in the flight recorders installed on…… flying In-2-840 21 October 2016″. The decoding follows that shortly after the plane reached altitude, the air traffic controller “Kyiv-Radar”, providing flight, reported the following: “Belavia-840, has been instructed to you, you must return to the aerodrome of departure Juliani. For failure will be raised combat aircraft to intercept”.

On the question of the pilot, what happened, the Manager explained that can’t say it on the air, promising that “upon arrival, all will know.” He referred to the policy of “Ukraerocentre” return flight to the airfield. After that, the pilot announced that turns the plane.

Later, the Manager was again contacted and stated that the indication of the return of the aircraft came from “military leadership”. In a press-service “Belavia” said that an indication of the need to return to the airport the crew received in less than 10 minutes after takeoff, for 50 km to entering the airspace of Belarus.

The newspaper notes that later in the transcript are the talk of the crew inside the machine: the pilots, to put it mildly, concerned and annoyed, expressing assumptions about the causes of the emergency from the threat of the bookmark in the Luggage and to the conflict between the military. While on Board ship at that time there were 136 passengers. The plane was almost full tanks of fuel, which created a huge risk for aircraft, crew and passengers.

After landing at the airport Zhulyany from the aircraft by law enforcement agencies of Ukraine was shot one passenger – the citizen of Armenia Armen Martirosyan. In the press reported that this is a well-known blogger and antimaydanovets. According to “Belarus today”, Kiev SBU officers suspected him of export whether incriminating someone paper, or electronic flash, and provoronil at the airport, decided to return the plane. After a short time the detainee was released and flew to Belarus on the next flight. According to Ukrainian media, he intends to sue “to challenge unlawful actions by the Ukrainian authorities.”

He returned to the plane after refueling, also flew to Minsk and landed safely in the Belarusian capital. In this regard, the newspaper “Belarus today” notes that to solve the problem in Kiev could be much more secure way – just call to Minsk and asked to detain suspicious citizen until the arrival of competent persons from Ukraine.

After the incident the Minsk said Kiev protest and demanded the refund of all financial costs and expenses caused by the actions of the Ukrainian side. In turn, in Kiev, the fact of the utterance of threats against the crew of the ship categorically denied.

The press Secretary of the Ukrainian security Service said that “nothing happened” and no threats of using military aircraft “was not to be.” In turn, Minsk has promised to publish the transcript of talks if Kiev does not bring an official apology.

In Belarus, published a transcript of conversation between the crew of Belavia with the Ukrainian Manager who threatened the pilots of combat aircraft 01.11.2016

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