In Belarus, the mechanic from Bobruisk committed suicide after he received a payslip from “freezing” wages, according to 38-year-old man worked at the plant of tractor parts and aggregates. His body was found on September 27 in the basement of the enterprise. About his desire to commit suicide he told his wife on the phone for a few minutes before the tragedy.

According to his wife Natalia Alexeeva, the family had financial problems. The couple paid loans, and Dmitry had to deduct child support from his first marriage. In the days after the holiday, the man received a payslip in which was specified a negative balance, according to the”Evening Bobruisk”.

The mechanic was upset and burned the sheet. On the phone he told his wife that he not fired, the reasons he told me. Later, he called again, said goodbye and said that he was looking for in the basement of the factory.

When colleagues locksmith got there, it was too late. The company has refused to comment on the situation pending the outcome of investigations. Upon the death of the person being tested.

As told the newspaper “Evening Bobruisk” relatives of the deceased, the personal problems he had. Dmitry was left without parents, then buried his sister. The apartment, which was registered with the eldest daughter, he failed to privatize – not enough money.

One of his daughters said that his father often said that he does not want to live. Colleagues said that he drank occasionally, but not abused alcohol.

Currently in Belarus observed economic stagnation. The authorities are trying to attract foreign investment, to start the growth of the economy and people’s living standards, but so far without success. The fall of the Belarusian economy in 2016 may be about 3%.

In Belarus, the mechanic of the plant killed himself, receiving a payslip with negative salary 29.09.2016

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