Russian authorities have accused Belgium, which is part of the coalition led by the United States in the bombing of the Syrian settlement Hasagic in the province of Aleppo. However, the Belgian side denies the charges: according to the Minister of defence of the country, is disinformation that Moscow makes in the public space to sow discord within the coalition.

In his Twitter defense Minister of Belgium Stephen Vandeput wrote, “Belgium was not involved in the attack on Aleppo. This is a Russian disinformation”.

In an interview with Knack he said that these days planes did not fly over the district, which says the Russian side. Vandeput stressed that usually the country’s armed forces are not reported, where they conduct their operations.

“We must strive always to avoid collateral damage. Also, there should be no doubt as to the purpose (impact. – Approx. It must absolutely be related to the “Islamic state”. Each mission will agree on the General staff, after which a final decision may take a pilot myself,” – said the head of the Ministry.

In his opinion, the accusations of Moscow aims to sow discord within the coalition. Vandeput also noted that these accusations are unlikely to have diplomatic consequences.

Meanwhile, Russian Ambassador to Belgium Alexander Tokovinin was summoned to the foreign Ministry of the Kingdom in connection with the statement of the Russian Federation on the application of the Belgian air force attack on civilian targets near Aleppo, reports TASS.

Earlier, the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that Moscow is waiting for a reaction to an airstrike on the Syrian Hassapiko, reports “Interfax”. “If there is no direct condemnation of the actions of the coalition and, in particular, actions of the Belgian air force, we will not have options to consider all that is happening now, as an attempt to save the armed gangs in Syria,” she said.

“If this is true and no one will comment on, respectively, the conclusion is simple: no relation to the situation of civilians in Aleppo all the informational story does not have, so everything is built to preserve “Nusra” and prevent the destruction of terrorist groups in Aleppo VKS Russia”, – she added.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov also said the Kremlin is waiting for an explanation of air strikes. “In this case, the Kremlin is interested in the reaction of our partners in Europe and Washington in this regard”, – said Peskov.

The Russian defense Ministry in a press releasepublished late last night, I noted that in the area of the settlement Hasagic the bombing killed six people, four people were injured, was destroyed two houses. At the time of the airstrike, according to the Agency, in the air, there were two fighters of the Belgian air force, and the Russian and Syrian planes at this time in the air was absent.

In Belgium, called “misinformation” accusations from Moscow of bombing villages in Syria 19.10.2016

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