The police of Verviers in the Belgian province of liège investigating a double murder. Victims of the offender were two men of Chechen origin who was involved in a fight with other immigrants from Russia.

A fight between Chechens occurred on Monday around 21:40 on the street Odimo, next to the Laundry Wash Kalou. The result of stabbing the fatal wound received men aged 39 and 45 years. Another victim survived, according to RTL Info.

The reason for the conflict is not yet clear, notes “Interfax”. Eyewitnesses say that the fight involved four people.

Add that immigrants from Russia of Chechen origin have repeatedly been members of the fighting in Europe. One such incident was reported a month and a half ago. Then the fight between Chechens and Turks occurred in the district of Favoriten in Vienna, Austria.

The reason for the quarrel was the comment made by the Chechen. The man asked the group of about 15 of the Turks to behave quietly. At that moment, the parties to the conflict were in the Internet café, located near Quellenstrasse.

The conversation quickly escalated into a scuffle, which moved outside. Just brawl involved about 20 people, and one Chechen was armed with a knife, wrote the Austrian press.

In the middle of it was a and a man of Serbian nationality – mate four Chechens. At some point he fell on the tram tracks. Perhaps Serbs pushed someone from the Turks. But more likely version is that he tripped himself, when he fled from the scene.

Anyway, the Serb fell on the tram tracks right in front of the approaching transport. The driver did not have time to slow down, and the man received serious injuries to both legs. The victim was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery.

In Belgium, two of Chechens killed during the fight 15.11.2016

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