In Blagoveshchensk on the Amur river embankment found a sculptural group of three figures – dogs, magpies and unflappable cat, sitting on a bench in the Baroque style. The idea became the Chairman of the regional electoral Commission.

The head of electoral Committee of the Amur region Nikolay nevedomskaya not only invented, but painted the characters of the composition, said “the Amur. Info”. For the realization of artistic ideas to life immediately found a patron – Alexander Vassiliev, which has allocated about half a million rubles. Masters of the factory Kaslinsky cast parts made from cast iron and coated with bronze, and local businessman Vladimir Kudryavtsev has assumed all work on the installation.

The composition is arranged so that sitting on a bench, the cat and the dog “looked” to China. This is done to ensure that the photographs that will make passersby had a view of Blagoveshchensk. As the press service of the electoral Commission, model shops in the Baroque style, which formed the basis of the sculptural group, was first released in 1830-ies for the Royal foundry in Berlin. It was created by Schinkel, Karl Friedrich, German architect and sculptor, Professor at the Berlin Academy of architecture, chief architect of Prussia. What these shops have to Blagoveshchensk is not specified.

“The idea for the new work I saw in my life. And my house lived such a cat who feared nothing: neither pulsating forty that carry gossip on its tail, no dogs that I can bark at nothing. Want to look at those three people smiled”, – said Mykola nevedomskaya.

Additionally, this is not the first sculpture of authorship of the former city Manager of Blagoveshchensk, which appeared in the region. In 2014, the monument was erected in honor of the founders of the Amur region – an officer and two Cossacks. The creation work took two years and 8 million.

In the commentary “the Amur truth” nevedomskaya said that the idea of a “cool cat” was born during the work on the monument to Cossacks-pioneers. “As mayor, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Kozlov suggested that I think and create for regional center of the sculpture, which will create around themselves a special atmosphere, a mood. To the people who will come to Blagoveshchensk, could walk about one interesting monument”, – he explained.

In Blagoveshchensk has installed a “cool cat”, created by the Chairman of the electoral Commission 15.10.2015

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