Brazilian police are looking for cold-blooded killers, which a pistol shot a handcuffed man. Punishment of criminals filmed and made the video got into the social network via messenger WhatsАpp.

While investigators were able to establish only the identity of the deceased. It was them 26-the summer inhabitant of Fortaleza in ceará Israel Fidelis de Hollande, writes TocNoticias.

According to the preliminary version, Israel was captured by the killers last Friday and handcuffed. After that the man shot in cold blood at 18:22 near Monbulk, and a video of the execution went to the social network via the popular messaging service WhatsАpp.

The published frames of the video (Caution! Brutal scene! 18+) shows how one of the attackers kicked the victim in the shoulder. Then Israel ordered to lie on the ground.

A man dressed in a blue t-shirt and shorts, with chained behind his hands, begged for mercy, but his crying on criminals hasn’t worked. One of them, armed with a gun, fired three shots.

After the first shots, the victim continued to show signs of life. And then it was finished by a bullet fired into the back of the head.

In the video you hear also the voice of a man, probably operator who had controlled the accomplice to kill the victim: “In the head, bro, in the head.”

District Monbulk where committed this murder, is characterized by high levels of crime, writes The Daily Mirror. Also the police said that the murdered man was in jail on charges of robbery.

On the forums there was a version that the victim could retaliate after his release for the murder of a businessman, shot during one of the robberies.

In Brazil video with the murder of handcuffed men distributed through the service WhatsАpp 06.11.2015

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