It became known, what information will remain classified during a coroner’s inquest in connection with the death in 2012 in the British County of Surrey 44-year-old Russian businessman Alexander Perepilichny. Russians are known for having passed the main witness in the case of investment Fund Hermitage Capital auditor Sergei Magnitsky who uncovered a scheme of fraud by Russian officials from the Russian budget through tax fraud against this company.

At a coroner’s inquiry in connection with the death of Perepilichny “will be classified intelligence on international killer, collected by MI-5″, said the journalist of The Sunday TimesTom Harper. We are talking about the Chechen Walid Loramie, also known by the nickname Validol, who is wanted for several murders and, according to some, this spring, was detained in Turkey.

Last week the High court granted the petition of the Minister of internal Affairs of great Britain, amber Rudd and decided to ban the publication of the data MI-5 on Loramie and any contact with Perepilichny, the article says Harper, which was translated by InoPressa. The head of the Ministry failed to prove that the information the British intelligence on the Chechen-killers cannot say because it could damage national security.

The inquiry was expected to resume in March 2017, notes the author. Police in Surrey, where under mysterious circumstances died Perepilichny, finds in the death of Russian nothing suggestive suspicion.

In this location Loramie allegedly arrested in April in Turkey, currently unknown, said Harper. “In 2012, during a search of his home in Moscow police, according to some information, found the list of intended victims, which was the name of Perepilichny his home address in the UK” – the article says.

Last week, the day of the 10th anniversary since the death of poisoned in London with polonium eks-the employee of FSB Alexander Litvinenko, the Times newspaper reported that the public inquiry will provide some evidence on the case of Perepilichny’s death, as the Minister of internal Affairs of great Britain warned that their disclosure would threaten national security. This means that no one from the public and family members of the deceased Russian and its lawyers with access to secret materials, you will not get access to many documents relevant to the investigation.

In April during the next preliminary hearing in the case revealed that the British government refused to grant the coroner, a document that contains classified information so that it can show even just to the investigator under non-disclosure agreements. The coroner called the situation unsatisfactory and stated that it would request additional information about the case Perepilichny.

Inquiry or coroner’s inquest is a judicial procedure aimed at clarifying the circumstances of death, if reason failed to immediately establish and to testify. Inquiry looking for the perpetrators and makes no judgements, while having the authority to hear the testimony of witnesses.

Version of the poisoning of Perepilichny

Russian businessman Alexander Perepilichny moved abroad in early 2010. In November 2012 it became known about his death in the UK at the age of 44 years. It was reported that the Russian died from the attack while Jogging after some time after revealed the Swiss Prosecutor’s office major fraud by Russian officials against the investment Fund Hermitage Capital. Using tax fraud to the organizers of the criminal scheme to steal millions of dollars from the Russian budget.

Perepilichny was held on “Magnitsky case” as a former business partner of businessman Vladlen Stepanov, whom the auditor of Hermitage Capital Management Sergey Magnitsky was accused of money-laundering in especially large sizes. Close to Perepilichny sources reportedthat before his death, “the informant” looked “just trapped and fearful man.” In addition, the Russians wanted to make peace with Stepanov, addressed to him, and it seems, “they all agreed”.

Also sources in the environment Perepilichny was noted that his death was preceded by a three-day trip to Paris, where the alleged ill-wishers could poison him. The fact of Perepilichny trip to the French capital forced the British police to seek the assistance of French colleagues.

In addition, the body Perepelichny in the course of Toxicological examination discovered a chemicalthat is closely linked with a deadly toxic substance of plant origin.

Sergei Magnitsky was arrested by Russian law enforcement agencies on 24 November 2008, after an investigation of embezzlement from the Russian budget. He was arrested on charges of complicity in tax evasion in a criminal case against Hermitage Capital. On 16 November 2009 he died in SIZO “Matrosskaya Tishina”. November 30 the same year, the criminal case against Magnitsky was terminated in connection with his death, and then again resumed posthumously.

In Britain banned the disclosure of information about the Chechen-the killer in the case of the death of Russian Perepilichny 28.11.2016

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