In Brussels, an unknown attacker with a knife on the guards. The incident resulted in two law enforcement officers were injured, not life-threatening. The attacker himself was wounded and arrested at the scene. Currently there is an investigation of the incident, in Belgium do not exclude that the attack could be a terrorist attack, writes De Standaard.

According to preliminary data, about 13:00 Moscow time, in the Schaerbeek district police officers in plain clothes followed the procedure, and when one of them was attacked by a man with a knife. The guard was wounded and fell, but managed to shoot the perp when he tried to kill his colleague.

The result is unknown, was wounded in the leg and was arrested at the scene. Belgian prosecutors have launched an investigation into the incident. At this time, authorities do not exclude that the attack on the police was able to wear a terrorist nature.

According to journalists, the offender did not make any representations or shouting slogans during the attack. Authorities know his identity, nationality and motive.

Later, La Libre reported that the assailant was a 43-year-old Belgian citizen Hisham D. the journalists, citing Federal prosecutors say that probably the attempt on the life of law enforcement officers will be recognized as a terrorist attack.

August 22 in Brussels, a woman with a machete attacked passengers on a bus and wounded three people. Police were forced to open fire on it. The attacker was wounded, but survived.

August 7 in the Belgian city of Liege, was detained a man with a machete. Police have cordoned off one of the blocks, evacuating citizens after a signal about a man with a big knife. As a result of the special operation law enforcement officers detained the 20-year-old suspect of Turkish origin.

The day before, armed with machetes a man shouting “Allahu Akbar” attacked the police women on duty at the checkpoint to the police station in the Belgian city of Charleroi. Both were wounded, one received deep wounds to the face and was operated on. The attacker was shot by a police officer. The perpetrator was hospitalized, he died in the hospital.

In Brussels, an unknown attacker with a knife on police officers 05.10.2016

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