Law enforcement Belgium has arrested a man, seized hostages at the supermarket Carrefour in Brussels. According to preliminary information, the offender voluntarily surrendered to the commandos. None of the hostages was not injured, according to

The identity of the offender is not yet established, however, as believed by the police, it is not about the attack, and about a bungled robbery. According to local journalists, the man was armed with a knife.

After the police received a message about the event the supermarket, the area around the store was cordoned off, and the place of the incident arrived Belgian special forces. The alarm in the sky were raised by a police helicopter.

Journalists DH clarify that when the man announced the capture of hostages at the supermarket were about 30 people. None of them was hurt, but many are in a state of shock. They were taken to the nearest hospital for medical assistance.

At the same time one of the eyewitnesses who were inside the supermarket, told the newspaper that the man was armed with a firearm. “The offender was in the form of 25-30 years. He had a gun in his hand. Don’t know what he wanted specifically. He loudly threatened the poor cashier,” – said the hostage.

In Brussels detained the man who seized hostages in the supermarket 19.10.2016

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