In the Argentine capital Buenos Aires held the traditional “race waiters”. About 400 people took part in an unusual race: it was necessary to run in working clothes and with a tray, on which stood a glass of drink and a half-liter bottle.

Under the terms of the race, the winner is the one who comes to the finish line faster than the other, not spilling the drink and without dropping the bottle. As reported by Sputnik Mundo. The race was held on October 22 at the main street of the city, the route length was 1600 meters.

Races with trays held in Argentina every year. The first such race was held 108 years ago and 12 years ago the authorities decided to revive the tradition. Note that the “waiters race” to attract tourists and participants from different countries.

I should add that the race of waiters is popular in many countries. So, in July of this year in London’s SOHO district also held a tray race. The waiters had to run through several streets of the district, holding in one hand a tray with a bottle of champagne. As passed , the BBC Russian service, at the start there were about 30 waiters, but not all of them were able to reach the finish line – from time to time on the streets, passed by the waiter mileage, was heard the sound of breaking bottles.

In Buenos Aires was the race of the waiters: about 400 people with trays ran through the city center 24.10.2016

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