Bulgarian police found a stash of counterfeiters in the bottom of the pond, writes Focus News. There was a hidden fake banknotes of 500 euros for a total amount of 12 million euros.

The seizure of a record amount of counterfeit money told the chief Prosecutor
Bulgaria Sotir Tsatsarov. Police divers pulled a banknote from the lake of Mechka, located near the village Lenovo and the city day in Plovdiv region. The bills were hidden near the dam, reports “Interfax”.

Experts say that banknote is copied very carefully, but no holograms and watermarks.

The exact number of banknotes is not yet known, said the Prosecutor of the Plovdiv region Ivan Daskalov. Counts after drying.

The location of a cache of counterfeit money pointed out
alleged members of a gang of counterfeiters, who was detained
police. Together with him were arrested two more people.

In a special operation on search of fake Euro involved police, prosecutors and intelligence agencies (the State Agency for national security – SANS). All investigators managed to find and remove in the investigation of 14 million fake euros.

According to the chief Prosecutor of Bulgaria, is one of the largest seizures of counterfeit money in the history of Bulgaria, according to Balkan Insight.

We will add that during the search at the home of one of the suspects in the village Tatarevo was found 14 firearms stolen from gun shop in Haskovo in February 2014, and 3.2 kg of marijuana. Judging by the published photographs, in the hands of the police have got guns, some of which are equipped with a sniper scope. The serial numbers on the weapons were filed off.

One defendant in a criminal case, which is actively cooperating with the investigation, released on bail of five million leva (nearly three thousand dollars), writes “Work”.

The European Central Bank earlier decided to cease production
banknotes of 500 euros is due to the fact that they were very
popular with counterfeiters. In this case the regulator has decided not to withdraw
from circulation issued banknotes of the same value.

In Bulgaria, on the bottom of the lake discovered 12 million false euros 02.11.2016

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