Police Kabansky region of Buryatia was detained minor girl, who is suspected of stealing. The intruder went on the offense, having gone upset with the school holiday marking the end of the school year. The girl was hurt that she got promoted to the next grade. Then she broke the window and entered the house of an elderly woman.

Criminal punishment for a 16-year-old schoolgirl. Previously, she was not convicted, it is emphasized on the official website of the Republican interior Ministry.

The investigation began may 25, when the whole of Russia celebrated the feast of the last call. That day the duty of the police Department in the village of Selenginsk I addressed 57-the summer inhabitant of the village of Sergino. After returning home, she discovered that the window of her home broken. Also at the pensioner lost savings in the amount of 7500 rubles.

Soon managed to establish the identity of the alleged burglar. After her arrest revealed that the girl was a bad student in school, and therefore was abandoned in the second year. “During the last call a little upset when she left an event and committed theft from the house, past which took place”, – explained in the police.

Set a curious explanation of steal was easier than to return the stolen funds. The police managed to find only part of the stolen money.

A criminal case was opened under part 3 of article 158 of the criminal code (“Theft, coupled with illegal penetration into dwelling”). The girl faces a six-year term of imprisonment.

“Currently, the intruder is put on preventive register in PDN. The case was referred to SU IC of Russia in Buryatia for further investigation”, – concluded in the Ministry of interior.

Add in the Voronezh police have uncovered a series of thefts, which was involved in two girls aged 22 and 28 years. Earlier they have already been convicted for crimes of property character according to the official website of the regional Moi.

While detainees charged with eight criminal episodes. It is established that the ill-minded woman enjoyed the fact that landlords had forgotten to close the door behind me. For tenants, they quietly came into the apartment, stole items and money and then disappeared. In some cases girls also took place in the apartment under the guise of a potential tenant.

To trace the thieves after another failed robbery attempt ended in failure. CCTV camera installed in a residential building, recorded as one of the girls two times went to the apartment with the door unlocked. Her accomplice was at the time on the landing, controlling the situation outside, as follows from the published video.

In the end, the suspects were frightened off by the landlady. Then the ill-minded woman left empty-handed.

After the arrest, both girls confessed to the theft. During the search at the place of their residence was discovered part of the stolen property.

In Buryatia, 16-year-old vtorogodnitsey during the last call robbed the pensioner to “heal the wound” 07.06.2016

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