Investigators in Buryatia Republic to investigate the circumstances of the death of a person, the leg of which was carried in the teeth of a dog. According to preliminary reports, the remains belong to a farmer who was wanted for shooting and killing.

“13 September 2017 dog from the river to the village brought a fragment of the lower limb – foot with part tibia. For, presumably, the men’s remains were shoes and socks,” reports the official site of Republican management of SK Russian Federation.

One of the local residents said they found fragment of legs belongs to her 49-year-old husband, a farmer, who went missing in late August. His disappearance linked to the attack on two businessmen.

“August 31, 2017, a day in the village Unegetey on-site sawmill was discovered the bodies of two local entrepreneurs, 41 and 50 years, with gunshot wounds”, – explained in the investigation Department.

One of the owners was shot in the thigh, he died from heavy blood loss. Another man was shot in the neck. He was taken to the hospital, and although the prognosis was unfavorable, the doctors managed to save his life.

The staff of the Department of the RF IC in Zaigraevsky district opened a criminal case under paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder of two persons”).

According to investigators, entrepreneurs dealt 49-year-old local farmer, who after killing fled in his car from the scene. The next day his car was discovered in a wooded area about 5 kilometers from the village Unegetey. “Up to the present time is the search for the attacker,” – said the Agency. The search was attracted by the dog, but to detect the traces of a farmer until the last moment failed.

Currently, the dog found the human remains transmitted to the experts to conduct the necessary forensic examinations. Also in the near future will be collected samples for comparative DNA studies and identification of a terrible find.

Checked all the possible versions of the incident. Investigators do not exclude that the suspect male had in the woods to commit suicide, and his limb “fell into the river by the activities of animals.” According to another version; the farmer was murdered and dismembered. If experts “will be installed signs that a limb was severed from the body not teeth of animals as a result of the use of any tools, without delay the decision on excitation of criminal case on the fact of murder.”

According to investigators, in 2016, the farmer with the livestock Parking lot was missing a few sheep. One of his shepherds pointed to the two entrepreneurs, who could be involved in the theft. After that, the farmer began to complain about them. Knowing that the farmer has a quick temper, businessmen hurried to reimburse him for the damage, although did not consider themselves guilty.

In August 2017 for the same farmer for livestock the Parking lot of the burned cabin. Likely again, he decided that the fire involved the same two entrepreneurs. Then the man took his hunting rifle, came to him at a sawmill and without further ADO opened fire on the victims.

In Buryatia, a dog brought to the village the foot belonging to the missing farmer-killer 14.09.2017

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