Law enforcement officers of Buryatiya have detained a senior security officer ESD OP N1 of Ministry of internal Affairs of Ulan-Ude Tumen Manibhadra, who was the sixth defendant in a criminal case on torture of detainees. As a result of actions of guards of one of the suspects – 17-year-old boy – died.

Along with Maniadrive in a criminal case are five of his fellow officer Sergei Plotnikov, head of Department on disclosing of property crimes and cover operational areas of sales OSO UR UMVD of Ulan-Ude Andrey Pavlov, head of Department on disclosure of crimes against property ESD OP N1 Ministry of internal Affairs of Ulan-Ude, Anatoly Alektorov, senior detective Valentin Smolin and younger detective OSO UMVD UR Zhargal of Zamanov, according to the official website of the RF IC.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, on the evening of 8 June 2016 listed six police officers and two policemen were inside the store, located in Darwin in Ulan-Ude. There police arrested the teenager and his 18-year-old friend on suspicion of stealing bicycles. “However, the carpenters caused a minor not less than two kicks on the back, but Paul hit him on the legs,” – said in a press release.

On the same day the detainees were taken in two vehicles to the building of the CID MIA of Russia in the Republic of Buryatia. “In order to obtain confessions about a cold selfish crimes Pavlov, Alektorov, Manibhadra and Smolin started the 18-year-old detainee in the basement, handcuffed him and struck polypropylene pipe blows to various parts of the body”, – noted in SK the Russian Federation.

The defendants then wrapped the young man’s blanket, strapped it down with duct tape to the bench and sat on top of him. In addition, they are using the mask blocking his access to air.

Further has subjected to torture and teenager. Pavlov, Alektorov and carpenters started the second detainee in the same basement. There Pavlov inflicted at least 20 blows to various parts of the body, and then “put on his head a gas mask and pressing the corrugated pipe, blocked the access of air.”

“As a result, 17-year-old detainee was formed retching, and in connection with the compression of a corrugated tube of a gas mask has been limited vomits”, – explained in the investigation Department.

June 9, 2016, the police brought in the emergency Department of the Republican clinical hospital named after Semashko the body of a teenager. According to the diagnosis of doctors, the boy died, choking on her own vomit.

All of the defendants at the request of investigators concluded by court into custody. Currently, Pavlov is dismissed.

Police detainees charged under subsection “a, b” part 3 article 286 of the criminal code (“Excess of powers of office with violence application, with causing of heavy consequences”). The investigation conducted by the staff of the fifth investigation (with a dislocation in Novosibirsk) GSU SK of the Russian Federation.

“Investigators continue to collect evidence necessary for a comprehensive and objective legal assessment of the actions and inactions of all those involved in the death of a teenager and bodily injuries of the detained young people”, – concluded in the RF IC.

Upon the completion of forensic examinations, investigators plan to present everyone involved in the final charge and move to educate the victims and the accused with the materials of the criminal case.

In Buryatia detained sixth a police officer involved in the torture and death of teenager 28.11.2016

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