In Buryatia in the forest eravninskiy district found five-year-old about a day spent in the woods with your puppy, according to the website of Ministry of internal Affairs in the region.

The statement about the missing child to the district police station received 27 October at 10:30 from the district Commissioner. The policeman explained that he was approached 26-year-old woman living in Zaimka GURT Handy 18 kilometers from the village Uldurga. She said that yesterday about noon, while they with the spouse worked on the farm, went away from home and never returned her five year old son.

Almost daily parents and local residents tried to find the child on their own, was alerted the personnel of the police Department. The district Commissioner, leading the search operations, interviewed all possible witnesses.

The locals on cars and horses and conducted a search in dozens of kilometers from the settlement. As reports “Sib.FM”, the police organized searches by experienced hunters.

Soon in the forest, 14 miles from home, the child found one of the locals. According to the man, he first noticed his hunting dog lost in the past: she ran to the voice of the master. Then he saw the kid hugging his puppy, he was sitting in the ditch beside the road.

“According to preliminary information, the child went after the puppy, because an adult dog, and not even noticed how far away from home. And miraculously survived, 200 metres from the place where he was found, was discovered fresh wolf tracks. Most likely, predators are scared of the dog,” said the police.

The boy is in satisfactory condition in the hospital. In relation to the child’s mother composed a violation report under article 5.35 of the administrative code “Improper performance of duties under the maintenance and education of minors”.

In March 2016 in the mountains of Buryatia missing American student Colin Madsen, student of the Eurasian linguistic Institute, Irkutsk, who was on vacation with his compatriot and two residents of Irkutsk in the resort village of Arshan, Tunkinsky district. He left early this morning in the cold without a cell phone and without clothing. Looking for American police, the emergencies Ministry and volunteers in the operation used drones, the quest connected even local shamans. The shamans warned that in the very many Holy places where untrained people may suffer the misfortune of disrespect to the spirits.

A week later, Madsen found dead a mile from the outskirts of the village. According to the official version of law enforcement, he died from hypothermia, which is received in a condition of narcotic intoxication, according to the version of the mother of the deceased was killed by the Buryat homophobes.

In Buryatia hunting dog helped to find 5-year-old child, which is almost a day spent in the forest 28.10.2016

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