Law enforcement officers Buryatia investigating the murder of a lawyer who was formerly a detective of the Investigative Committee, and then moved on to the bar. According to preliminary data, the man was shot by the businessman engaged in business activities.

At the hands of assassins killed a former investigator management SK the Russian Federation across the Irkutsk region Dmitry Vaskov, writes “Baikal Daily”. As a lawyer he led several high-profile criminal cases.

The assassination of Dmitry Vaskov was committed in the afternoon of 27 Sep N9 near the house on the street civileva in Ulan-Ude. The news of the murder came to the police at 13:15, said the head of criminal investigation Department of the Ministry of interior in Buryatia Stepan Hubenov.

Arrived on the scene, the security forces found in the yard of a Mercedes with a corpse 35-the summer inhabitant of Irkutsk on the inside. According gazet, we are talking about Dmitry Vaskova.

Witnesses saw the killer and described it. The identity of the suspect was quickly set. After that the operatives “had worked with his associates and relatives.”

“They were asked to bring to him information that there is no need to hide. He is already known and possible escape routes are blocked,” – said Stepan Hubenov.

In the end, the 44-year-old resident of Ulan-Ude voluntarily surrendered to the authorities of internal Affairs and confessed.

According to the suspect 10 minutes before the murder, he allegedly met with the victim on Traktovaya street in Ulan-Ude. Stopping the cars on the road, the men opened the Windows and started to talk. The dialogue ended in a quarrel, during which a resident of Ulan-Ude shot at the opponent. The bullet hit the lawyer, after which he hurried away from the scene by car, at the wheel which sat a companion of the victim.

It is noteworthy that about shooting on the road, no one was reported to law enforcement. After 10 minutes, the attacker caught up with a wounded victim outside the hostel and finished off the victim in his car. This moment was recorded by a surveillance camera, a video published on the Internet.

According to the staff, the attacker approached the car the driver’s side and shot through the car window. Immediately after that, the driver stepped on the gas pedal and the car rammed the gates that covered the entrance to the courtyard.


According to press reports, surrendered the suspect was a former co-founder of the family and patrimonial Evenki communities of Dylacha” Mikhail Stepanov, who was involved in the mining and jewelry business. He was familiar with Baskovym. and knew where to find him. According to some, hostel, near which shot lawyer, is part of his business.

About the reasons of the murder, which indicated the suspect, the investigative Agency is saying vaguely. “The motive of the crime, the testimony of the suspect, was the controversy that arose earlier in the course of joint activities. That is, the personal aversions” – said a senior investigator forensic Department SK of the Russian Federation in Buryatia Roman Chandrapal.

However informal sources in the investigation saying that the murder of former officer of SK of the Russian Federation Dmitry Vaskov may be associated with the theft of 27 tons of jade. On suspicion in this crime, was detained a former investigator RF IC Pavlov.

The investigation team included the most experienced staff of the Department SK of the Russian Federation on Railway area, and the Department of criminology and Department for investigation of particularly important cases.

Seized the murder weapon, conducted a ballistic examination.

“Jade redistribution” with the filing of “friend of Putin”

Evenk tribal community “Dylacha” was engaged in mining jade in Kabardinskom field in bauntovskiy area Buryat Republic. In addition, she led Mikhail Stepanov relates to the mining of jade “EXIM” and “Baikal Company of Gems”.

It is considered that the “thieves line of the jade business was supervised by the “king of Russian mafia” Aslan Usoyan, nicknamed Ded Hasan (killed by a sniper in Moscow in 2013), Sergey Ivanov (Sadiq), Georgy Uglava (Taha), Vladimir Vlasko (Crest) and other criminal authorities. “Today, many of these gentlemen or killed, or retired. However, their legacy lives on,” writes NewsBabr.

Moreover, the representative of the mafia had connections in political circles and business elite, says the publication. During the big repartition of the market of jade in 2012 from the “trough” was pushed gang Sadik. Then the capital of the Republic, a wave of high-profile arrests. Among the detainees was Tushin Dorji is the son of a prominent member of the people’s Khural of Tsyrenov Dorjiev, who was elected in 2015, the speaker of the Republican Parliament. The operatives also arrested Barsana of Danananana – the son of a local construction magnate Gregory Danananana.

Large-scale redistribution at the jade market began in Buryatia in 2011, when the game entered OOO “Russian jade.” This company was registered in Ulan-Ude, but in reality represented the interests of the players at the Federal level: “the Siberian cement” and “Russian technologies”. At that time “Russian technologies” led by “Putin’s friend” Sergey Chemezov.

In the name of the then Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had written a letter, in which Sergey Chemezov has called for a “decriminalization of the jade sphere. In this message approved.

In September 2012 a joint strike of the security forces and the judiciary were defeated community “Dylacha”. Its head and co-owner, ex-mayor of bauntovskiy area of Buryatia Andrey Turakin hastily emigrated to China, where he is to this day,” writes BabrNews.

In 2013 were registered in Irkutsk, OOO “TRANS-Baikal mining company, which, in fact, represents the interests of Rostec in the jade business. This company has established strict control over the main jade deposits of Buryatia with the assistance of the security forces.

For 2016, the real volume of production of jade in the Republic of Buryatia is estimated at 500-700 tons. The average cost of a kilogram of green jade – $ 1000, white – up to 15 thousand dollars.

A significant part of the jade (at least 70%) is amber in China, which is the main consumer of semi-precious and ornamental stone.

To the redistribution of the jade business and a hand in the lawyer Dmitry Vaskov. He put a lot of effort in order to legally justify the need for closure “Dilute”.

Note also that the building, near which was killed the lawyer, was previously owned by “the Dylacha”.

Just a week before the murder Vaskov in Irkutsk, the security forces found an underground warehouse of white jade. In the illegal hotel on the street Shevtsova, where citizens of China, were seized 788 pounds of stone and over two million rubles, walkie talkie, handcuffs, arms and ammunition.

By all indications, the victim’s lawyer Dmitry Vaskov after the defeat of the “Delacy continued to engage in legal support of “jade” of business, according to BabrNews.

Dmitry Vaskov is the son of the former head of the Irkutsk tax Inspectorate. Career as a lawyer began in the office of the investigator of Prosecutor’s office of the Kirov area of Irkutsk. Vaskov gradually “overgrown” connections and acquaintances, then retrained as a lawyer.

In Buryatia Vaskov engaged in business of the trading house “Jubilee”, and in 2014 he conducted the case of United Russia and the Director of JSC “Road service Irkutsk region” Andrew Kaydash. Politician sentenced to probation for fraud. Later Deputy Kaydash caught and even in rape of 4-year-old daughter. In the end, the legislator, being the gentleman of the award “Maecenas of the century”, was sent to jail for 14 years.

In Buryatia “jade” businessman shot lawyer, former investigator of the RF IC 28.09.2016

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