The Parliament of Buryatia suggested that the day of arrival of the deceased in 1927 the head of the Buddhists of East Siberia Hambo Lama Itigelov to the people became a day of rest for local residents. This initiative was made Deputy of people’s Khural of the Republic of Cydonia the Batuyev, said the head of the Buddhist traditional Sangha of Russia Pandito Hambo-Lama Damba ayusheev.

“The decision will be taken by MPs, and if they attend to the business of the day, we will not. And if you take simple prudence, then they will still be proud of, he was quoted website UlanMedia.

What day could be an additional output in the Republic is not yet clear. “Return to humanity” the yogin and the philosopher, better known to the world as “imperishable Lama”, Russian Buddhists celebrated annually in September.

10 Oct ayushev-Bandito said on his page in Facebook sensational news that the night before in a Buddhist monastery Ivolginsky datsan in Buryatia, one of the cameras for the first time recorded the movement of the incorruptible body of Hambo-Lama Itigelov. His post, he was accompanied by a screenshot of the picture, where is the figure of a man in military camouflage.

Some suspected that it was a guard, but a spokesman for the Buddhist traditional Sangha of Russia Turian Baldanov suggested that in this way the “owner” of the temple wanted to give a sign. “Perhaps, international organizations to take over the world?” – it asked a rhetorical question.

The version that the temple could get third parties in the Buddhist Sangha of Russia ruled, stressing that the motion sensors were in good condition, but does not work, and all the doors were locked, said Baikal-Daily.

The Dalai Lama explained to Grebenshchikov, the Itigelov’s phenomenon

Against this background, his opinion about the phenomenon of Itigelov shared the XIV Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso during his visit to Riga, answering the question of the musician Boris Grebenshchikov, among many other famous people came to the meeting with the spiritual leader of Buddhists of Tibet in exile, which is October 10-11, held in the Latvian capital doctrines for Buddhists in the Baltic countries and Russia.

“The Dalai Lama said it was a very strong person and loved the earth, the consciousness is gone, and the body left, – quotes its-been-at that meeting, the head of the Buryat delegation, ex-Deputy of the state Duma irinchey mathanov on his page in Facebook. – The Dalai Lama said that some similar cases were previously known.”

Grebenshchikov himself in 2015 visited Ivolga datsan in Buryatia and touched the imperishable body Itigelov.

According to legend, June 15, 1927 XII Khambo Lama Dasha-Dorzho Itigelov sat in the Lotus position, gathered the students and asked them to read for him a special prayer-good wishes for the deceased – UGA Namchi. So, being in a state of meditation, Dashi-Dorzho Itigelov left in Nirvana. He was buried in the area, Juha-take vitamin complex in cedar cube in the same position (the Lotus position), which was at the point of care.

10 September 2002 XXIV Khambo Lama Damba ayusheev with a group of lamas and lay people raised the sarcophagus with Hambo Lama by Itigelova and moved his body in Ivolginsky datsan. 31 Oct 2008 was held a ceremony of consecration of the blessed Palace of Hambo Lama Itigelov.

Since it is in the Palace in a special room with climate control. Itigilov sits on a special throne in the Lotus position, his eyes covered. Eight times a year during major Buddhist holidays Dorzho involved in the services.

According to scientists, the body Itigelov is still occurring physiological processes. Doctors have determined that distinct post-mortem changes: the skin is supple, the joints mobile. And the samples of tissues – skin and nails – in its organic composition does not differ from the tissues of a living person. It grow hair, but instead of blood, according to the monks, flowing white liquid.

One of the researchers of the phenomenon of Professor Victor Zvyagin, conducting examination of the body, made a sensational conclusion, calling the state of Hambo Lama “in vivo”. Buddhist priests make their conclusion, explaining that through spiritual practices and meditation Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov was able to preserve the body, to demonstrate the power of the Buddha’s teachings.

In Buryatia proposed to make a weekend day of arrival imperishable Hambo Lama Itigelov to the people 13.10.2016

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