Buryat police thanks to an anonymous call may have saved the lives of two young children whose mother is a drunkard left alone without food in a cold house.

On 9 October the police Department of the village of Onokhoy in Zaigraevskiy district received an anonymous message stating that the 26-year-old resident of the garden Association is not engaged in the education of their children, according to the website of the regional interior Ministry on October 12.

Upon arrival, the staff of division on Affairs of minors found in the house two children of five and six years. In the house there was no food and no long were heated on the stove. According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the children sat without food for several days.

The whereabouts of the mother immediately install failed, it appeared the next day and explained that during the absence drank alcohol with friends.

According to neighbors, the woman constantly abuses alcohol and conducts an antisocial way of life, not interested in their children. She lived with kids one without a permanent source of income, according to a police press release.

As a result, the children were taken and placed in a social rehabilitation center for minors in Ulan-Ude. Concerning mother made an administrative report under article 5.35 of the administrative code (“Default by parents of duties under the maintenance and education of minors).

The family situation will be considered on the Commission on Affairs of minors and protection of their rights by the district administration, which will be addressed the issue of setting family on preventive care. Children of negligent mother would be able to return only after the permission of bodies of guardianship and guardianship in case will create favorable conditions for their residence and cease abusing alcohol.

In Buryatia thanks to the anonymous rescued two small children abandoned by the mother to freeze to death without food 12.10.2016

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