On 21 October, the US court issued a harsh sentence to a resident of Fresno County, California Rene Lopez, who was found guilty of pedophilia. For a long time, the attacker sexually abused an underage daughter.

American justice appointed to the rapist punishment in the form of centuries of imprisonment. 41-year-old man imprisoned in 1503, writes The Los Angeles Times.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, at first the girl was raped by a family friend. Learning of this, Rene Lopez instead of trying to protect her daughter, made her his concubine, said Prosecutor Nicole Galston. From may 2009 to may 2013, the attacker was regularly raped the girl. Crimes were committed by two to three times a week and stopped only after the victim reaching the age of 20, ran away from his father.

In September, a jury found Lopez guilty of 186 criminal counts related to sexual violence. Judge Edward Sarkisian noted that Lopez posed a great danger to society. She also did not repent of their deeds, and the blame is passed on to his daughter.

Lopez has twice offered to enter into a plea agreement under which prosecutors had to ask the court 13-22 years in prison for the defendant. But Rene has twice refused the transaction.

Note that made Lopez a thousand-year sentence is unprecedented in severity of punishment announced in the court of the County of Fresno in its history. While recently in the us state of Montana was made solely lenient sentence on a similar criminal case. There the man raping 12-year-old daughter, was appointed 30 years of imprisonment, writes The Daily Mail.

In California a man raped his daughter, got 1503 prison 24.10.2016

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