In the U.S. prison guard “San Quentin” (“new Folsom” in California pacified prisoners, who in a Wednesday around 13:00 brawl. During the riots, one of the prisoners received fatal injuries.

It was the killed 71-year-old American Hugo Pinell, part of the “San continuu six”. The so-called prisoners who attempted to escape in 1971, writes The Sacramento Bee.

The police believe that the murder of Hugo Pinell was premeditated. “It definitely was the target (attacks),” – said the representative of the office of the penitentiary system of the state of California Dana SIMAS.

Previously Pinell received threats, but from whom they originated and what caused it is unknown.

The alleged killer of Pinella already installed, but his name is not disclosed, so as not to expose the suspect danger.

According to Dana SIMAS, the attack on Hugo Pinell followed a mass brawl, which was attended by about 70 people. The prisoners were out in the exercise yard of the prison block with the most strict regime, some of the convicts were armed with sharpenings.

To disperse the troublemakers guards had to shoot three times into the air from a self-loading rifles Ruger Mini-14 and use pepper spray. 11 convicts were sent to hospitals outside the prison, and the other victims decided to treat him. Most of them are diagnosed with stab wounds. From the guards, no one was hurt.

By the way, in 2012, in prison, “San Quentin” there was similar unrest, which was attended by 60 people. Then the guards shot and killed one of the inmates, and another 12 people were injured.

Add that to the present time behind bars remains only one member of the “San quantisci six” – 61-year-old William Tate. He is serving his sentence in a correctional facility of the city of Soledad, reports RIA “Novosti”.

The rest of the escape 44-year-old were released in 1976, the society returned to the fleet Drumgo, Louis Talamantez, in 1991 the prison left johnny Larry Spain, and two years later, the guards let go of David Johnson.

“Lone wolf” in the cage

Escape from prison “San Quentin” was taken in August 1971. It was organized by George Jackson, who created behind bars grouping Black Guerrilla Family. Sometimes the members of this gang had it out with white prisoners. In such cases, the prison authorities usually intervene was received with a dark skinned prisoners, using against them tear gas, batons and even firearms.

The closest henchman Jackson was killed on Wednesday Hugo Pinell.

Before escaping to Jackson, according to investigators, managed to smuggle into the prison gun. The weapons were hidden under the wig. When the prisoners tried to break free, shooting began. It killed the organizer of the escape David Jackson, three other prisoners and two guards.

In 1980-ies among the prisoners there were rumors that Pinell is “the most dangerous prisoner in the California prison”, which has an explosive and unpredictable nature.

Over the decades of her imprisonment Hugo has survived several assassination attempts. In 1981 white convict has undermined Pinella a pipe bomb, however, Hugo survived. And three years later Pinella twice wounded in the back, a black prisoner from his criminal gang.

The majority of the time Hugo was sitting in solitary confinement on his own initiative. For him it was a precaution. Pinell not trust anyone in prison, “San Quentin” for 2300 prisoners.

Note that immigrant from Nicaragua Hugo Pinell went to prison in 1965. He was tried for a rape committed in the County of San Francisco.

3 March 1971 Hugo killed a guard in Soledad prison, after which he was given two consecutive life terms of imprisonment.

In 2009, the court of for the ninth time rejected the application of Pinella about parole.

In California during the riots in the prison killed 71-year-old prisoner 13.08.2015

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