In the canadian city of Campbellton (new Brunswick) completed the trial of the pet shop owner Jean-Claude Savoie, who was accused of criminal negligence over the deaths of two children in the attack of a Python.

After nearly seven-hour meeting on Wednesday, November 9, the jury found the man innocent, the TV channel CHAU TVA. Immediately after the meeting he was released, reports The Globe and Mail.

40-year-old Savoy declined to comment, as the mother of the dead children, who was present in court. However, according to the Prosecutor, the victims ‘ relatives remained dissatisfied with the decision of the court. Whether they will appeal against the verdict is not clear.

Recall the incident in Sochi occurred in August 2013. The tragedy occurred in the night from 4th to 5th number. Children left in the house of Savoy to visit. Night African Python escaped from its enclosure at a pet store, located on the first floor of the building, snuck in through the ventilation shaft to the room on the top floor, strangled sleeping there two boys – four year old Noah and six-year-old Connor.

Bodies of children found in the morning. During the autopsy pathologists also found them the bite marks of a snake. After that the Python strangled children, were put to death. Meanwhile its owner was charged with criminal negligence.

The man was accused that he did not close the vent hole, through which crept a snake. The Savoy is explained by the fact that he considered Python too large to fit through such a narrow hole.

During the trial it emerged that shortly before the tragedy, the Python tried to escape, but got stuck in the vent. However, before the attack on the children of the snake are not fed at least during the day, therefore, apparently, the Python managed to escape and commit murder.

In Canada acquitted the owner of a Python strangled two children 10.11.2016

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